Sunday, December 26

WNW Products Haul

so this is day two of my continuous post till the new year
sadly I’m in bed, sick. But I’ll keep posting ha-ha
Just cannot stay away from good cheap makeup, and WNW is one of my weaknesses when I visit the drugstore for cold medicine or something else (mostly cold medicine!)ha-ha at least it is something to make me happy when I am sick

Saturday, December 25

DONE with College!

Done with school!! YEAHHH BABY!! a long awaited post if I must say didn’t want to post this until after I walked the stage.

Friday, October 1


In celebration of Independence day i wore my native around work etc haha I amped it up a bit and will prolly do an OOTD later (i added a belt and some black jewelry)

Nigerian Food: [FAKE]Jollof Rice Recipe

My Bestie Wanted me to put up this recipe for her, Its not Really Jollof considering Jollof Rice takes longer to cook.

I got this Recipe from my Neighbors in Nigeria whom i used to go to their house after school (I was like..6) and the family had like 4 boys[Uncle Fela, Uncle Kunle, Uncle Taye & Bayo] and 1 girl [Auntie Kehinde], The girl went away for college while the Oldest two didn't live at home [Uncle Fela & Uncle Kunle], but the Girl's twin brother [Uncle Taye] and the youngest one[Bayo] (who was in High School then) stayed at home and Babysat me and my Brother[Re] (who was 7).
Being men, They of course couldn't cook delicacies for lunch, so to spice things up They made this red rice for us and me & Re LOVE it soo much!!

The cool thing is that the rice soo easy to make and fast [It has to be! When you're feeding two hungry children! bahahah] They were the coolest babysitters ever I loved going to their house :) awwn I miss em'

Saturday, September 25

静夜思, 李白

Wednesday, September 8

New Hurrrr

Its Ore with new hair here :D
yupp the Hair i ordered arrived pretty early too! It was supposed to arrive on thurs but it arrived last week Friday! [YAY]


Saturday, August 21

Back on Campus :) New STuff!! NEW ROOM

So I am Back!! School has started and I still cannot get my sleep/wake patterns set right. UGGH.
Maybe I'll give it another week lol. The summer has made me Lazy.

My classes are ok, It's my LAST semester as a College student! I AM PSYCHED out!!! SOOOO ready to LEAVE! This semester I am only required to take two classes to graduate (Religion Classes) and 1 Biochemistry to finish my minor. But I won't get financial aid if I don't take 12 hours (wth!!) so I had to add random classes just to fill the space.

At first...I added Tennis and Class Guitar, but Class guitar was full so I changed it Class Voice and changed Tennis to Class Piano (trying to get in touch with my music side eh).

The sad thing is my Class Piano although I LOVE the class and my teacher is RAD lol I am the only Science major there! everyone is a music major!! I feel...dumb and left out bahaha I will have to practice EVERYDAY

Same thing with my Class Voice! WHAT WAS I THINKING! the class is horrible!!! I don't think I can survive out of there with an A. After ten minutes in the class I wanted to GET OUT.

Wednesday, August 18

The Procrastinated Louisiana Post...Last One :(

Hullo! Yeah Yeah i know its a few days away from what i promised but i still posted this week haha.
I kinda Miss LA a lot and i miss my aunt and and her fam :( Feeling Nostalgic going through the pics heehheh   

Thursday, August 5

More Birthday pics [Finally]

Finally Yeni & Akevia uploaded the pics from my birthday! [yeah a month after] tsk tsk tsk. here they are :)
that’s me and my Bestie Nita

Wednesday, August 4

Vacaca Post 2: Pass the TabasCo Please!

These past few days have been fuuun! right now i am blogging from The Incredible Pizza [now lidos] in LA. We hare having fun with games, and endless food buffet :p it kinda reminds me of Alley Cats, Putt putt in TX or Dave and Busters the only thing missing is the Laser Tag. I wish there was one here :(

Anyways, on Sunday we visited The Tabasco Factory in LA where ALL Tabasco in the world is made [its called, Avery Island] Its a pretty nice place, everything was Tabasco related plus there was some good Louisiana food! YUMM

Here…lets let the pics speak :p

Monday, August 2

Vacaca Part 1: the first few days

sooo....happy Monday!!!!
bahha yuppp I've been lazy with blogging for the past few days...why not? i mean i am on Vacation!! YAY!! the first I've had in 4 years!! 4!!

My one week Vacation was to visit my mom's friend and her family in Louisiana. It has been fun, and because i cannot really explain my vacaca, i will show yall in Pictures!!!

Thursday, July 29

The F21 Post

At this moment...i want to crawl up in bed.. and sleep but my room is a mess, i need to clean it up, I also have about 20 things on my to do list to do before midnight. sigh.
I still need to finish packing for Louisiana which is hard to do considering my room's situation and my "Pack-Rat" attitude. I'm trying to fit the whole world in a small box and I'm only going for a week. SMH i keep removing and adding. Plus, its my first time traveling since the new laws of what to carry on a plane in the US. I don't know what to carry (how much makeup etc.) as carry on! I've read the instructions at some website but I'm still confused :(

Love My Nails :)

Quick NOTD. (I've been doing a lot of those these days). I feel like I need to read a book, something princessy. I am so bored and I am tired of studying!! I am traveling this weekend though YAY to Louisiana so I am pretty ecstatic.
These NPs are some oldies I've had, and a few of them are new but they are pretty cheap like .99Cents to 1.99 at WM or any drugstore that sells it. These were the nps i used when i was just coming out of my Tomboyish phase...(which my best friends and roommates say i am no more.....although i still think I am!).

Tuesday, July 6

Nigerian Food- Coconut Rice

SO....i was supposed to do a July 4th Post...BUT however, due to my lack of a personal Laptop, I cannot edit and post pictures that easily which sucks :(. But since food has been on my mind...I decided to do food (without much pictures )! Coconut Rice :)
Nigerians cook coconut rice pretty often for very special occasions, I know my mother cooked it every Christmas day and new years day (2x a year) It was a very special meal and I loved eating it with some chicken.
Coconut Rice is so easy to make, it's almost the same way as making fried rice.

Thursday, July 1

NOTD- Wet n Wild Megalast nail color

Wednesday, June 30

The New Hair Do...

SO this is like way late, because I changed my Hair mid-June, and now I am thinking of changing it again! haha.
Well the hair I have now is a wig by FREETRESS called London Girl and I got her from she was ok but she was very long and soft but tangled a lot, so I cut her short, and it kept getting shorter as the seasons changed. I bought her in November last year, and she has lasted through to June this year, which is pretty long for me because I never keep wigs past three months.

Tuesday, June 1

my first LUSH

So i just got a bunch of Natural stuff and I'm usually skeptic about things that a labeled "Natural" because i never believed they work! However, when i tried these LUSH stuff it was amazing!

Wednesday, May 19

It has been a while....

or a few days since I've posted, really. and it's not that I haven't been on blogger, I have been every day, following and reading the interesting blogs of some really good bloggers[Sparkly Mermaid by fuzkittie, Soft smoky eyes by kittylovesmakeup, EOTD/FOTD by e.motion in:motion]. I've just been too lazy to post anything!
which is ok, because nobody really reads my blog haha :(

Saturday, May 8

Chinese, Iron Man and NOTD

Yesterday was my brother's 21st so we had a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant the food was delicious! I've never seen so much seafood at a Chinese restaurant! I was so excited and I ate a lot!!!

Tuesday, April 20

Top Favorite Things

Hi! welcome to my blog, I noticed I never really introduced myself in my first blog well, so here is my introduction.
I am a college senior, studying Biology and Sociology, Nigerian-American, I was born in 1990 so I'll be 20 this year, I am 5'8 tall and as for my weight....i do not know neither am i interested because, I can justify that muscle weighs more than fat even though I pretty much have more fat in my body, because I rarely work out lol. Just to throw that in there. I am bilingual, I speak English and Yoruba and I aspire to learn Chinese also. so basically that's all I can I want to share.

Tuesday, April 6


Easter was awesome! I spent the weekend with my roomie's family in Waco (countryside). It was awesome! we made a LOT of food! fried rice (made Nigerian way), sushi!, mochi (with red beans) and mochi ice-cream yummm! and My other roommate made Thai chicken Curry it was delicious! her family was so sweet! and her baby cousins were cuuuute! it was my first road trip alone and it was goood!

oh and we watched Why did i get Married 1 & 2 [GOOD movies!] and A very realistic Easter drama, so good i wanted to take pictures!!

Tuesday, March 23


Once I got back from the optometrist, my stomach was growling for some sushi today. I Usually love sushi but the influx of $5.00 sushi at my school made me spend a lot on just 10 pieces and also made me ultimately hate it cause I generally ate too much. However, I had some leftover seaweed from my last trip to the Honk kong market, some wonderful Kroger shrimp, cayenne pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, fish bouillon (preferably Japanese-AJinomoto[Screw MSG!]). sushi rolling mat and some clear wrap.
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