Saturday, December 25

DONE with College!

Done with school!! YEAHHH BABY!! a long awaited post if I must say didn’t want to post this until after I walked the stage.

Friday, October 1


In celebration of Independence day i wore my native around work etc haha I amped it up a bit and will prolly do an OOTD later (i added a belt and some black jewelry)


Saturday, September 25

静夜思, 李白


Monday, August 2

Vacaca Part 1: the first few days

Sooo....happy Monday!!!!
I've been lazy with blogging for the past few days...why not? I mean I am on Vacation!! YAY!! the first I've had in 4 years!! 4!!

My one week Vacation was to visit my mom's friend and her family in Louisiana. It has been fun, and because I cannot really explain my vaca, I will show yall in Pictures!!!


Thursday, July 29


At this moment... I want to crawl up in bed.. and sleep but my room is a mess, I need to clean it up, I also have about 20 things on my to do list to do before midnight. sigh.

I still need to finish packing for Louisiana which is hard to do considering my room's situation and my "Pack-Rat" attitude. I'm trying to fit the whole world in a small box and I'm only going for a week. SMH I keep removing and adding. Plus, it's my first time traveling since the new laws of what to carry on a plane in the US. I don't know what to carry (how much makeup etc.) as carrying on! I've read the instructions at some website but I'm still confused :(

Tuesday, April 20


Hi! welcome to my blog, I noticed I never really introduced myself in my first blog well, so here is my introduction.

I am a college senior, studying Biology and Sociology, Nigerian-American, I was born in 1990 so I'll be 20 this year, I am 5'8 tall and as for my weight....i do not know neither am i interested because, I can justify that muscle weighs more than fat even though I pretty much have more fat in my body, because I rarely work out lol. Just to throw that in there. I am bilingual, I speak English and Yoruba and I aspire to learn Chinese also. so basically that's all I can I want to share.

Tuesday, April 6


Easter was awesome! I spent the weekend with my roomie's family in Waco (countryside). It was awesome! we made a LOT of food! fried rice (made Nigerian way), sushi!, mochi (with red beans) and mochi ice-cream yum! and My other roommate made Thai chicken Curry it was delicious! her family was so sweet! and her baby cousins were cute! it was my first road trip alone and it was good!

oh and we watched Why did I get Married 1 & 2 [GOOD movies!] and A very realistic Easter drama, so good I wanted to take pictures!!


Tuesday, March 23


Once I got back from the optometrist, my stomach was growling for some sushi today. I Usually love sushi but the influx of $5.00 sushi at my school made me spend a lot on just 10 pieces and also made me ultimately hate it cause I generally ate too much. However, I had some leftover seaweed from my last trip to the Honk kong market, some wonderful Kroger shrimp, cayenne pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, fish bouillon (preferably Japanese-AJinomoto[Screw MSG!]). sushi rolling mat and some clear wrap.

1. Sushi rice 1.5 cups/2cups of water
2.Sesame oil
3.Fish bouillon
4.Shrimp(raw or boiled)
5. cayenne pepper
6. pepper flakes
7. Rice vinegar
then I brought out all my ingredients, cooked the shrimp by mixing a drop of sesame oil, thyme, parsley flakes and cayenne pepper (1 spoon)
mixed the rice with a dab of sesame oil and an even sprinkle of some pepper flakes and a drop or two of rice vinegar
set it out on the table and rolled away.

I cooked the rice, while I cleaned my room, by the rice was done in 30 minutes by rice cooker of course!

eat with some soy sauce and wasabi (your choice) I don't like wasabi

my roommate and her mom tried it and liked it soo..... success! すばらしい! and yes I had a great lunch!apparently my contacts aren't making my day any easier but o well, my next craving is Spicy Jalapeno Gizzard!

Thanks for reading!!

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