Tuesday, March 23


Once I got back from the optometrist, my stomach was growling for some sushi today. I Usually love sushi but the influx of $5.00 sushi at my school made me spend a lot on just 10 pieces and also made me ultimately hate it cause I generally ate too much. However, I had some leftover seaweed from my last trip to the Honk kong market, some wonderful Kroger shrimp, cayenne pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, fish bouillon (preferably Japanese-AJinomoto[Screw MSG!]). sushi rolling mat and some clear wrap.

1. Sushi rice 1.5 cups/2cups of water
2.Sesame oil
3.Fish bouillon
4.Shrimp(raw or boiled)
5. cayenne pepper
6. pepper flakes
7. Rice vinegar
then I brought out all my ingredients, cooked the shrimp by mixing a drop of sesame oil, thyme, parsley flakes and cayenne pepper (1 spoon)
mixed the rice with a dab of sesame oil and an even sprinkle of some pepper flakes and a drop or two of rice vinegar
set it out on the table and rolled away.

I cooked the rice, while I cleaned my room, by the rice was done in 30 minutes by rice cooker of course!

eat with some soy sauce and wasabi (your choice) I don't like wasabi

my roommate and her mom tried it and liked it soo..... success! すばらしい! and yes I had a great lunch!apparently my contacts aren't making my day any easier but o well, my next craving is Spicy Jalapeno Gizzard!

Thanks for reading!!

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