Tuesday, April 20


Hi! welcome to my blog, I noticed I never really introduced myself in my first blog well, so here is my introduction.

I am a college senior, studying Biology and Sociology, Nigerian-American, I was born in 1990 so I'll be 20 this year, I am 5'8 tall and as for my weight....i do not know neither am i interested because, I can justify that muscle weighs more than fat even though I pretty much have more fat in my body, because I rarely work out lol. Just to throw that in there. I am bilingual, I speak English and Yoruba and I aspire to learn Chinese also. so basically that's all I can I want to share.

Tuesday, April 6


Easter was awesome! I spent the weekend with my roomie's family in Waco (countryside). It was awesome! we made a LOT of food! fried rice (made Nigerian way), sushi!, mochi (with red beans) and mochi ice-cream yum! and My other roommate made Thai chicken Curry it was delicious! her family was so sweet! and her baby cousins were cute! it was my first road trip alone and it was good!

oh and we watched Why did I get Married 1 & 2 [GOOD movies!] and A very realistic Easter drama, so good I wanted to take pictures!!

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