Saturday, May 8

Chinese, Iron Man and NOTD

Yesterday was my brother's 21st so we had a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant the food was delicious! I've never seen so much seafood at a Chinese restaurant! I was so excited and I ate a lot!!!

LOOK my fortune COOkie!!!
After the dinner, we visited the AMC to watch Ironman II

While waiting, we dropped by XXI[Forever21] my favorite Store! and I bought some nail polish from their new beauty line Love & Beauty...

Got me some pretzels too!

OK back to the colors...

#2- Dark Purple
Pros: I love love this color!
It is very shiny pretty and glides on easily
Cons: You need two coats
Give: 4.5/5

#3- Jade
not really a fan of green but this one was not that bad, it is indeed pretty
and you need one coat
Cons: it is not that shiny and tends to look a bit dull after drying completely

And Saving the BEST for the LAST.
Cons: This is my ultimate favorite!
It is really pretty, it needs just one coat, very shiny dark pink
Cons: None so far!
Give: 5/5

Well, that was my Friday, Iron Man II was very good! and yes there is an ending after the credits, don't leave the theater too early wait for IT!
Thanks for reading!!

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