Wednesday, May 19

It has been a while....

or a few days since I've posted, really. and it's not that I haven't been on blogger, I have been every day, following and reading the interesting blogs of some really good bloggers[Sparkly Mermaid by fuzkittie, Soft smoky eyes by kittylovesmakeup, EOTD/FOTD by e.motion in motion]. I've just been too lazy to post anything!
which is ok, because nobody really reads my blog haha :(

Anyways, it's been a really busy week, we threw a surprise party for Britta, and she had no idea it was exciting that was where I served my meat pies XD

I also had to attend her Graduation and my Roommate It's graduation, I feel sad that they are both leaving me but I'll be out in a semester, so oh well. Britt's going to Ireland for the summer and she will be posting interesting events she encounters in Ireland, so check out her blog often :)

I made some choc chip banana bread this week, however, I didn't get a chance to post the Recipe. Sorry. or take pictures either, sorry.
Have been eating so much sugar this week I probably gained a lot of Lbs!!

2nd surprise Party! this time, it was for my roommate, and she was really surprised! we began with lunch at a really good Thai restaurant in Irving, Royal Thai. The food was awesome!

I had Pad Thai, but I sincerely liked my roommate's food better! This always happens when we go out, I always eat all of hers and she eats some of mine.

we then stopped at a beautiful water place in Dallas to take pictures and headed on home, to the surprise party! It was awesome because we got her a hello kitty cake! and we ended the party with a heartwarming video, which left everyone in tears.


Well, that's my hectic week, right now I'm preparing for my trip to Uganda and studying for my MCAT, so much less blogging will be done :(
Also, we have some fun things planned the whole week for I'm we are gonna do some not-so-crazy stuff haha

+go to the lake
+take pictures with every blue car on campus I estimated there will be 20 we'll see haha
+go to the pool for a nice swim
+roll down the steepest hill on campus- I'm not doing that. they are.
+take some grad pics

...me prepping rattiya....

Grad photos were taken by Selah-Avalanche
+selah-avalanche sleepover in our room
+lots and lots of movie marathons every night this week!

the three of us:)

Thanks for reading!!

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