Tuesday, June 1

my first LUSH

So i just got a bunch of Natural stuff and I'm usually skeptic about things that a labeled "Natural" because i never believed they work! However, when i tried these LUSH stuff it was amazing!

I Got :
The LUSH Retro Chai Spicy Shower Gel
LUSH herbalism facial Cleanser
LUSH Dark Angels facial cleanser

LUSH Retro Chai Spicy Shower Gel:
This one is specifically from LUSH's Retro line, it consists of Chai tea infusion, lemon juice, ginger, allspice and cinnamon leaf .

PROS:  Very moisturizing, cleans effectively, smells really relaxing, (its Chai Tea), spicy smell
CONS: none so far, maybe the color...it looks like blood ha-ha.
Rating: 5/5

LUSH herbalism facial Cleanser:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE This cleanser! i always want to wash my face, that's how much i love it. Its so moisturizing, face feels good and soft after use, I will forever keep buying Herbalism.
This tiny Jar is full of natural Herbs, it contains calming rose and chamomile and ground almonds the jar says its for Oily skin....however, i think not.
 PROS: Very Moisturizing, Skin is left soft and moisturized, creates a healthy skin appearance over time.
CONS: I don't think its for oily skin because its very moisturizing, its not Greasy though. Smell is kinda weird
Rating: 4.5/5

LUSH Dark Angels facial cleanser:
Dark Angels is kinda OK, i didn't really like it because it dried out my skin, but it works well in the exfoliating dept. It is a soft black sugar scrub also made with powdered charcoal and rhassoul mud, avocado oil, sandalwood and rosewood oils.
To fix the drying out problem, i added about 2-3 drops of T-Tree Oil [Check out other uses of TTO]and some of my moisturizing emulsion to make it less drying when i wash my face.
PROS: exfoliating, Oily Skin, improves skin texture and appearance, cleanses well
CONS: messy, Dries out skin.
Rating: 3/5
Well that's all of it for today, maybe this week, depends. I'm at the LIB attempting to do some studying till 5 :( Have a great day and the rest of the week!

Thanks for reading!!

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