Wednesday, June 30

The New Hair Do...

SO this is like way late, because I changed my Hair mid-June, and now I am thinking of changing it again! haha.
Well the hair I have now is a wig by FREETRESS called London Girl and I got her from she was ok but she was very long and soft but tangled a lot, so I cut her short, and it kept getting shorter as the seasons changed. I bought her in November last year, and she has lasted through to June this year, which is pretty long for me because I never keep wigs past three months.

The First Cut:
I cut her in December because I was tired of the tangles and length, but I still wanted to shield my ears and neck from the cold, my Inspiration was Kou Shibasaki's hair in her music video Lover Soul [good song btw]

I didn't do anything to the bangs, I didn't want to because I loved the way it swept across my face.

The second:
This was done after the new year, Late January I think, My inspiration? I think Kelly Huang/Yang Duo in Down with love [Great drama!/Jerry Yan-SIGH], I loved the way her bob moved, and I wanted one! once again, I tried not to mess with the bangs...

The Third Cut:
I think This one was done in April or so, I was tired of the bob [I get tired of my hair really fast] and I wanted the hair to be thinner as it was getting hotter [Crazy Texas weather!]. My Youth girls called this the Rihanna... I didn't take any inspiration from her, but they kept on calling it that haha

I still did not mess with the bangs, however, as it got incredibly hotter, I finally did

The last and Final cut:
This time, I messed with the bangs, but I tried not to mess with the rest of the hair! the heat got to me! I had an inspiration though from a Drama I am currently watching Daring women I wanted my bangs to look like Lee Yoo Ri/Ji-soo Young's bangs so I cut em short

What I really Like about this hair is that the bangs can also be styled sideways to keep the heat away. Because I really love it, I am probably gonna keep it till august; which by then I'll probably get a lace front as it gets colder.

Well, that’s all for now, I am currently still studying (gah) but it will be over soon or by December haha.
I have a new subscriber!!! check out her blog it's pretty awesome!!! Angie, I am grateful! Thanks for being my 8th subscriber :)!!
Oh, and I have two new blog posts that I am working on, wet and wild nail polish and my first OTD Gasp! so wait, my dear readers!
Thanks for reading!!

Ore :)

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