Wednesday, February 9

PURE ICE Taupe drawer & Strip tease

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I bought this nail polishes while grocery shopping, and i have to say not bad, not bad...
The first one, taupe Drawer is my new ultimate favorite nail polish! Its so beautiful and shiny yet it gives you that professional toned down look (which i love).
I just cannot stop staring at my nails its so pretty!
PROS: Very pretty, dries easily,
Coats: 1 is fine but for better results, 2
CONS: none so far
rating:StarStarStarStarStarRed heart
I kind of did the second one in a hurry, and due to my heightened level of impatience i was frustrated that it didn't dry as quick as i wanted. It does have that nice neon color that i have been looking for, I'm pretty sure i have a color exactly like this back on campus i just keep buying pinks without making sure I'm buying the same color!
you can see that i did a sloppy job! I didn’t even cut my cuticles, i remember when my roomie saw the NOTD post from F21 and she yelled at me "ORE TRIM YOUR CUTICLES"
Pros: nice neon color, has a little shimmer
coats: definitely need 2 or more
cons: dries slowly

Thanks for reading!!

Ore :)


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