Thursday, July 29


At this moment... I want to crawl up in bed.. and sleep but my room is a mess, I need to clean it up, I also have about 20 things on my to do list to do before midnight. sigh.

I still need to finish packing for Louisiana which is hard to do considering my room's situation and my "Pack-Rat" attitude. I'm trying to fit the whole world in a small box and I'm only going for a week. SMH I keep removing and adding. Plus, it's my first time traveling since the new laws of what to carry on a plane in the US. I don't know what to carry (how much makeup etc.) as carrying on! I've read the instructions at some website but I'm still confused :(
I'm also taking Mei-Li, my lappy and I have no laptop bag. FAIL. One came with my luggage (it was a pretty purple 4-set from TGT) but it's not padded. I bought a sleeve from Wal-Mart which was supposed to arrive today....but no show. This sucks.

In other news, I am going to see Inception today. For free. ha-ha, my Brother is paying. I really don't want to go but he likes watching movies with me so I have to, I am going to dress super bummy today :P mainly because I've packed and taken all my clothes back to my apt at school so all I have left are huge T-shirts and comfy jeans...ha-ha. Well, I'll just make it up with some makeup.
OK, enough Ranting...My order from F21 came yesterday or Tuesday I don't remember SMH. And it contains mainly the gifts for the girls I'm visiting, two nail polishes, a top, and some skinnies. 

I originally wanted to just purchase and then I saw the free shipping over $40.00 coupon code STANDOUT (which is still on till Aug 113 so click here and BUY BUY BUY!) and then I started clicking "add to cart" for almost everything! until I was like...."wait....I'm a broke college kid....remove...remove" and I removed like 10 items till I finally ended up with like 60 bucks...
my purchase...
This purse is soo cute! (If only I did clutches) I'd have bought two of them. BUT I know if I bought one for myself...I'll probably never ever use it (The black clutch that I used once on my 18th b-day can testify to that ha-ha). I just like big purses... it's the packrat in me :p

For the younger one, I got her a Butterfly Charms bracelet set... it's so cute! Sadly it's out of stock now at F21, it thinks it was final sale.

I also purchased a few things for my self :D 2 nail polishes
The first one I liked...the second...not so much.
Forever 21 confuses me with their polishes they always have two names! geez, pick one, will you?

Color: Sweet Lilac Nail Polish/Lavender
Pros: cute...cute.CUTE!
Cons: none
Coats: two
Comment: words cannot explain how much (material) love I have for this polish :)

Color: Pretty Pink Nail polish/baby pink
Pros: cute pink color. I love natural Frenchie like colors...
Cons: OMG It won't dry! I put on first coat...waited a lil' dry put try. took it all off thinking (I'm just impatient) calmed myself down doing other things tried AGAIN waiting a long time while watching TV (so I can be distracted) it STILL didn't dry. WTH!! I was so disappointed. I'm going to try a final time (maybe next weekend).
Coats: two-three
Comment: this polish tested my patience.

I also purchased this ruched sequin Top :) one word...super cute. OK, its two words but you get my point.

That's the fake OOTD with the skinnies (and no I'm not that skinny...The mirror is Lying to you) hehe.

I loved the skinnies because they were Jeans but don't look too "Jeany" and I can wear them to work without any complaints from my boss :p
I still need to finish packing....look at all the stuff I'm still trying to fit into my box (left). SMH.

Quick Subscriber shout-out to Lizzie!! Thanks for being my 18th subscriber!!! YAYY ese-o!

Well, that's all for today. Thank you and God Bless :)

Thanks for reading!!


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