Thursday, July 29

Love My Nails :)

Quick NOTD. (I've been doing a lot of those these days). I feel like I need to read a book, something princessy. I am so bored and I am tired of studying!! I am traveling this weekend though YAY to Louisiana so I am pretty ecstatic.
These NPs are some oldies I've had, and a few of them are new but they are pretty cheap like .99Cents to 1.99 at WM or any drugstore that sells it. These were the nps i used when i was just coming out of my Tomboyish phase...(which my best friends and roommates say i am no more.....although i still think I am!).

Color: Blue Angel
Pros: none I see, IDK why I bought it...maybe because it was blue? (fav color)
Cons: it is too silvery
Coats: two
Comment: I never really liked this color because it never looked good for me, and it just reminded me of Nigerian Market women haha whenever I put it on.

Color: Pomegranate
Pros: Beautiful!!!
Cons: none
Coats: two
Comment:One of my faves!! I call her "Sexy Red" because it is soo pretty. My roomies and friends always love to use this color because it is just a nice bright red with a hint of pink :) very shiny too!

Color: Pink Mauve Shimmer
Pros: beautiful
Cons: none
Coats: two

Comment:Another pretty color! it has a hint of shimmer in it...

Color: Cinderella
Pros: princess pretty
Cons: very sheer and dries slowly
Coats: two or three
Comment:Another really pretty color. I call this the princess color (I tend to name things a lot ha-ha). Because it is like princess pink with lots of glitter, I myself am not into glitter but i love this one. However, it is very sheer and you need 2-3 coats for it to look really pink on your nails.

Color: Rage
Pros: nice and shiny
Cons: takes long to dry, need 2-3 coats
Coats: two-three
Comment: I bought this when i was into emo stuff, sophomore year. I remember when i had it on, one of my friends asked me am i ok (she thought i was depressed or something- LMBO) I love this color because it just make me feel like a hard rocker. its very shiny and nice as long as you have patience for it to dry (which i don't).

Color: Iced copper
Pros: nothing really
Cons: sheer
Coats: one-two
Comment:Its one of those barely there gold colors, I do like it sheer, though.

So apparently, I planned on finishing this post Yesterday morning...but I procrastinated on my procrastination(blogger).
OK. another update, I have new hair! I decided to go longer because I am tired of short hair [already!].
It's a lace front wig by Harlem called LU113 I got it from hairstopandshop for 60 bucks.
I got it because of YouTube reviews Here and here
and I have to say....I am disappointed.
The Lace is itchy..and irritates my front scalp, it also is short and only deep on one side so I can only part my hair one way (the left).
The hair tangles really easily and my tips are already ratty (it's only day 2 WTH)
you know...maybe it's just my wig that's like that......hmm.

But since I got it for $59.99 and it is my first lace wig...I'll keep it and style it to my use. It is pretty realistic looking, the hair is not too shiny which is a pro. But I think I'm going to go back to FreeTress.

I look super tired and my makeup was just moisturizing foundation and nude lipstick

the parting is very deep and realistic (that's why I got it). You can see that it is very full.
So I cut it. Twice.
I need to keep scissors away from me because I keep cutting.
The first cut I liked, IDK why I cut it a second time! geez, Ore!
What I did: I put my hair in a ponytail and cut the tips to get layers, then I put the hair down, took a clipper with the largest comb and combed off the longest part of the hair (the back)

I really liked it this way...WHY WHY WHY did I cut it again?
I recut it with a failed attempt to get bangs and I only cut the bangs with barber clippers made it into more layers and it is now thinner but I don't really like it.
Just a quick vid showing the hair
Counting down the three months till I get another one!

IN OTHER news my F21 purchase came through! and I will be posting a blog about it (just a short post). It was supposed to be today but heh sorry. Maybe tomorrow? If I have the time. Hopefully

Hint: Its a gift purchase for my aunt's kids whom I am visiting on Friday in Louisiana so I am excited because I also bought some stuff* for myself.
Quick subscriber shout-out to Anna! Thanks for being my 17th subscriber!! [YAY almost 20!] Hope you like my blog posts i can be pretty quirky because when i type i just type the crazy awkward and weird scenarios that go in my head (with lots of LOLs and Hehes). Anna's blog, Fancy Illusionist is pretty awesome i just became a subscriber check her out yall (I also say "yall"'s the Texan in me).

and Lastly (stay with me). A song for the day
I know I know, another Japanese Song, don't worry, there're many more different ones to come. I'm just feeling this song now :)

Infinity by Girl Next Door
I remember first hearing this song when I watched the Drama Atashinchi no Danshi (kool drama btw)
The song also gave me inspiration for my band name (a band consisting of only me haha...lame)

Thanks for reading!!

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