Wednesday, August 4

Vacaca Post 2: Pass the TabasCo Please!

These past few days have been fuuun! right now i am blogging from The Incredible Pizza [now lidos] in LA. We hare having fun with games, and endless food buffet :p it kinda reminds me of Alley Cats, Putt putt in TX or Dave and Busters the only thing missing is the Laser Tag. I wish there was one here :(

Anyways, on Sunday we visited The Tabasco Factory in LA where ALL Tabasco in the world is made [its called, Avery Island] Its a pretty nice place, everything was Tabasco related plus there was some good Louisiana food! YUMM

Here…lets let the pics speak :p
 IMG_0684 (2)
IMG_0678 (2) Standing in front of the factory itself
A map of the Island [below]IMG_0656
IMG_7463 A giant Tabasco bottle hehe

wax farmer picking Tabasco peppers

P1010041 Mini Tabasco bottles. Yes there’s real tabasco in them.
to make Tabasco, the peppers are fermented for 3 years and 28 days….yuppp. here’s a barrel of Tabasco pepper in the fermentation process. The naturally mined salt[also from the Island] used to make the Tabasco sauce.
P1010058Food pic! This is Crawfish Etouffee. and mY OH MY this food was delicious: no kidding!!!
So i saw a bunch of crazy random looking souvenirs[that i didn't buy] here they are:

Chili pepper earrings? REALLY!
even more…..P1010064 P1010065 P1010066 I  also saw some cool aprons that i wished i could buy…especially the pink one (red and white if you see it as that). It was cute. P1010067
P1010070 - Copy
A coin Press! FAKE i don't believe it actually “pressed” my penny! P1010071 - CopyThese bottle dressers were both Hilarious and ugly and maybe a lil’ scary looking too.
P1010073 P1010074Chilli suspended in Olive Oil wtf. P1010075 Tabasco Luggage tags. YUPP these would def make your luggage “stand out” in the airport. It would be easily “noticed” and hard to get “lost”P1010076 I WANT this sweatshirt! as ugly as it might look…it was COZY so were the lounge-pants!!!P1010077 P1010079 Well, you can keep you alcohol in this Tabasco labeled flask…or maybe some chilled Tabasco? heheP1010080 and serve them with these glasses…..
lool spicy candy hmmm Tequila flavored candy…..much more encouraging for younger kids to grow fast and drink Tequila since they'd be already used to the taste. not exactly a good idea...P1010084 boxERS!!!P1010085Oh yes i am. lol just kidding. i wonder the faces people would make if i wore such a shirt lol. P1010087 We went swimming later that evening and yupp it was hot but i had fun :) P1010094 more food pics from yesterday at my least favorite place to eat….McDonalds. BUT this one was GOOD and CLEAN OMG i was so surprised, although the girl messed up my order…….twice. The sandwich was good (it had BACON- my guilty pleasure).P1010095 Plus i had some Iced Mocha. Bitter and Creamy….Just the way i like it. P1010097
well thats all for today, quick subscriber shoutout to Serena YAY thanks for being my 21st subscriber!!!! YAY. Check out her blog yall and subscribe!!!

song of the day

Say anything Else by Cartel
Pretty good song i love the licks to it, also a facebook friend posted the vid on his wall and that's how i ended up liking the song

Thanks for reading!!

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