Wednesday, August 18

The Procrastinated Louisiana Post...Last One :(

Hullo! Yeah Yeah i know its a few days away from what i promised but i still posted this week haha.
I kinda Miss LA a lot and i miss my aunt and and her fam :( Feeling Nostalgic going through the pics heehheh   

me and one of the girls played with my webcam and did a lotta goofy photos i would post them but they were um….veryyyy gOoofy. But here are the OK ones….100803-184752.bmpwe also went to INcredible PIzza (now Lidos) it was fun. There was LOTS of food and coffee! YUMMM. I’m such a nerd i took MeiLi(my lappy) with me hehhe i was working on a blogpost while the girls played games:) IMG_7588 IMG_7590 IMG_7591P1010010
My aunt is sooo sweet she gave me some gifts to take back to TX. Like this lovely sweater which fit me perfectly oooh i cannot wait for winter!! P1010011 P1010012And this Arizona purse (she got me two one for me and one for a gift) from JCP was such a good sale Originally in the thirties, we got it for like $3.95 i think. The sales in LA are Freaking awesome!! I cannot wait till their forever21 opens (by the way…HUGE store) every time i go back i will shoooop!!P1010014 A pair of floppies I have wayy too many Pink floppies loolP1010015
beautiful and comfy slippers! wayy cheaper than they are in TX…i think i have a new obsession with slippers, i wanna buy morrre!!
P1010016 picked up some cheap makeup (as usual)P1010019  This blush is not that Good………kinda regret getting it…LA Colors in Blushing Mauve…Tooo much glitter not enough color.P1010022   P1010028
I do like the Nail polish and i got the girls to do a NOTD for me, it is a very pretty color and dries fast. (need two coats). P1010054P1010058P1010029P1010030P1010033
OMG i love these colors! very pretty! i don't really like baby blue eyeshadow but these ones are niceee. [LA Colors mineral Eyeshadow in Heaven]P1010034
with flash

without flash
LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow in NIghtlife. This is a great one for the price, it makes the perfect smoky look I've used it twice this week! P1010039P1010040P1010032
[LA Colors mineral Eyeshadow in Butterfly] I didn't really like this color because it was not well pigmented and i had to use some primer for it and also use an eyeshadow sponge; using eyeshadow brushes didn't help much.  
without flash P1010038
with flash  
P1010041the night before i left we walked around the neighborhood and i was taking pics of some beautiful houses :)
P1010042 When I got back to to TX i finally found a way to curl my Hair! SIghhhh after 3-4 weeks!!
Jenny's bday occurred while i was gone so we decided to celebrate last week! we got her some Ice-cream Cake as a surprise!!
Well that's all for now:) we got new carpeting at our apartment (My twitter followers, u probably saw the tweet about it- oreleona)<-----follow me!! and I'm still working on redecorating so i will be posting apartment pics pretty soon!!!
Thanks for reading!!

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