Monday, August 2

Vacaca Part 1: the first few days

Sooo....happy Monday!!!!
I've been lazy with blogging for the past few days...why not? I mean I am on Vacation!! YAY!! the first I've had in 4 years!! 4!!

My one week Vacation was to visit my mom's friend and her family in Louisiana. It has been fun, and because I cannot really explain my vaca, I will show yall in Pictures!!!

HIII from my Guest room :) the house is sooo big!!! I need to do some design pics and upload them but I am lazy, soooo sooo lazy.

Me getting off the plane, Louisiana's airport is so small, my aunt took a pic of me getting off the plane haha.

We went to Piccadilly for lunch after the airport and we had some Louisiana food loool the food was good.

we also visited my aunt's neighborhood (River Ranch) such a nice place!!! we also got (scream) Frozen Yoghurt!!!

Its Called Crush Frozen Yogurt and its niiice!!! I loved it :)

I got a lot of stuff that idk but there was mochi (of course) and cookie dough. I liked the mint yogurt.

That was a fun day :) They got a pic of me intensely watching Wish to see you again

The next day we visited the mall and Barnes and noble first :) I had my fav frapp (strawberries and cream) :p

Then we visited the mall, bought some stuff (shoes and a swimsuit for me :)) and watched a movie. Ramona and Beezus. It was a pretty nice movie, I had some tears falling lol.

The shoes were cute and I love them :) they are very comfy too. I wore them to church yesterday and took  them off because we were going to the Tabasco Factory (which was fun - upcoming post/maybe tomorrow)

I am having so much fun here in Louisiana, more posts to come up soon :)

Quick subscriber shoutouts to Ife and Emmy!! Thank you, girls, for being my 19th and 20th subscriber (YAY twenty!!) new goal...50? bahha i'm daydreaming. sorry.

Check out Emmy's blog I love it :) and I know yall would too

Lastly, the song of the day :)
Wo AI Yu Ye Hua by S.H.E
This song is actually the #1 song on my most played list I cannot get enough of it. It's in Taiwanese (I'm not sure if its Hakka though).
Thanks for reading!!


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