Friday, October 1


In celebration of Independence day i wore my native around work etc haha I amped it up a bit and will prolly do an OOTD later (i added a belt and some black jewelry)

Nigerian Food: [FAKE]Jollof Rice Recipe

My Bestie Wanted me to put up this recipe for her, Its not Really Jollof considering Jollof Rice takes longer to cook.

I got this Recipe from my Neighbors in Nigeria whom i used to go to their house after school (I was like..6) and the family had like 4 boys[Uncle Fela, Uncle Kunle, Uncle Taye & Bayo] and 1 girl [Auntie Kehinde], The girl went away for college while the Oldest two didn't live at home [Uncle Fela & Uncle Kunle], but the Girl's twin brother [Uncle Taye] and the youngest one[Bayo] (who was in High School then) stayed at home and Babysat me and my Brother[Re] (who was 7).
Being men, They of course couldn't cook delicacies for lunch, so to spice things up They made this red rice for us and me & Re LOVE it soo much!!

The cool thing is that the rice soo easy to make and fast [It has to be! When you're feeding two hungry children! bahahah] They were the coolest babysitters ever I loved going to their house :) awwn I miss em'

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