Sunday, January 23

Sally Craze!!

P1010012I don’t know what it is about NOTDs I Just love em’ so much
although the funny thing is I only do pedicures, no manicures for me. I really haven’t had the time this semester to do a lotta nails etc
However, my sister brought me a haul box of Sally NP that she was given at work  and OMG so many NOTDS, and believe me it was too much to do!! so I only chose to do my few FAves, here they are, enjoy

These were the old versions of Sally Hansen, I have noticed that the bottles and names have been changed on the sally website, so it might be hard to find by looking through names, instead searching through colors and comparing them might be better
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear 

Color: Almond Crunch 
Pros: nice pink color, totally my type for nails Smile 
Cons: none
Coats: one-two
Give: StarStarStarStarP1010015
Color: Flirt
Pros: this baby is a very flirtatious color indeed ! I’M Loving how dark it is!!!!
Cons: none
Coats: two
Give:StarStarStarStarStarWinking smile

Color: Cherry Red 
Pros: this is one sexy heck of a color!!!! aye!!! 
Cons: none
Coats: one-two
Give: StarStarStarStarStar


Color: Simply Divine Creme
Pros: cute color so pink, fast drying Smile 
Cons: none
Coats: one-two
Give: StarStarStarStar

Color: Navy Baby 
Pros: nice but nothing special
Cons: kinda dull….kinda
Coats: two
Give: StarStarStar

Color: Peachy keen 
Pros: it’s a frenchie color, always a pro
Cons: took too long to dry
Coats: two

P1010087 (2)
Color: All fired up 
Pros: YUPP there’s another sexy red color, yuppp
Cons: none
Coats: two
Give: StarStarStarStarWinking smile

Color: Simply devine 
Pros: I like its pinkish color
Cons: none
Coats: two
Give: StarStarStarStar

Color: Crème de la Creme 
Pros: yupp another frenchie
Cons: doesn’t dry fast enough 
Coats: two

Color: Orange you cutie 
Pros: got a nice pinkishred to it
Cons: none
Coats: two
Give: StarStarStarStar
Just came back from a nice weekend Vacation and Road Trip with the sis, had so much fun over there now its back to normal day to day life and hard work.
Thanks for reading!!

Thanks for reading!!

Ore :)


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