Thursday, July 29

The F21 Post

At this moment...i want to crawl up in bed.. and sleep but my room is a mess, i need to clean it up, I also have about 20 things on my to do list to do before midnight. sigh.
I still need to finish packing for Louisiana which is hard to do considering my room's situation and my "Pack-Rat" attitude. I'm trying to fit the whole world in a small box and I'm only going for a week. SMH i keep removing and adding. Plus, its my first time traveling since the new laws of what to carry on a plane in the US. I don't know what to carry (how much makeup etc.) as carry on! I've read the instructions at some website but I'm still confused :(

Love My Nails :)

Quick NOTD. (I've been doing a lot of those these days). I feel like I need to read a book, something princessy. I am so bored and I am tired of studying!! I am traveling this weekend though YAY to Louisiana so I am pretty ecstatic.
These NPs are some oldies I've had, and a few of them are new but they are pretty cheap like .99Cents to 1.99 at WM or any drugstore that sells it. These were the nps i used when i was just coming out of my Tomboyish phase...(which my best friends and roommates say i am no more.....although i still think I am!).

Tuesday, July 6

Nigerian Food- Coconut Rice

SO....i was supposed to do a July 4th Post...BUT however, due to my lack of a personal Laptop, I cannot edit and post pictures that easily which sucks :(. But since food has been on my mind...I decided to do food (without much pictures )! Coconut Rice :)
Nigerians cook coconut rice pretty often for very special occasions, I know my mother cooked it every Christmas day and new years day (2x a year) It was a very special meal and I loved eating it with some chicken.
Coconut Rice is so easy to make, it's almost the same way as making fried rice.

Thursday, July 1

NOTD- Wet n Wild Megalast nail color

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