Saturday, August 21

Back on Campus :) New STuff!! NEW ROOM

So I am Back!! School has started and I still cannot get my sleep/wake patterns set right. UGGH.
Maybe I'll give it another week lol. The summer has made me Lazy.

My classes are ok, It's my LAST semester as a College student! I AM PSYCHED out!!! SOOOO ready to LEAVE! This semester I am only required to take two classes to graduate (Religion Classes) and 1 Biochemistry to finish my minor. But I won't get financial aid if I don't take 12 hours (wth!!) so I had to add random classes just to fill the space.

At first...I added Tennis and Class Guitar, but Class guitar was full so I changed it Class Voice and changed Tennis to Class Piano (trying to get in touch with my music side eh).

The sad thing is my Class Piano although I LOVE the class and my teacher is RAD lol I am the only Science major there! everyone is a music major!! I feel...dumb and left out bahaha I will have to practice EVERYDAY

Same thing with my Class Voice! WHAT WAS I THINKING! the class is horrible!!! I don't think I can survive out of there with an A. After ten minutes in the class I wanted to GET OUT.

Wednesday, August 18

The Procrastinated Louisiana Post...Last One :(

Hullo! Yeah Yeah i know its a few days away from what i promised but i still posted this week haha.
I kinda Miss LA a lot and i miss my aunt and and her fam :( Feeling Nostalgic going through the pics heehheh   

Thursday, August 5

More Birthday pics [Finally]

Finally Yeni & Akevia uploaded the pics from my birthday! [yeah a month after] tsk tsk tsk. here they are :)
that’s me and my Bestie Nita

Wednesday, August 4

Vacaca Post 2: Pass the TabasCo Please!

These past few days have been fuuun! right now i am blogging from The Incredible Pizza [now lidos] in LA. We hare having fun with games, and endless food buffet :p it kinda reminds me of Alley Cats, Putt putt in TX or Dave and Busters the only thing missing is the Laser Tag. I wish there was one here :(

Anyways, on Sunday we visited The Tabasco Factory in LA where ALL Tabasco in the world is made [its called, Avery Island] Its a pretty nice place, everything was Tabasco related plus there was some good Louisiana food! YUMM

Here…lets let the pics speak :p

Monday, August 2

Vacaca Part 1: the first few days

sooo....happy Monday!!!!
bahha yuppp I've been lazy with blogging for the past few days...why not? i mean i am on Vacation!! YAY!! the first I've had in 4 years!! 4!!

My one week Vacation was to visit my mom's friend and her family in Louisiana. It has been fun, and because i cannot really explain my vacaca, i will show yall in Pictures!!!

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