Tuesday, December 13

The nail polish tag

Hello!! I was tagged by Lizzy of DoitYourself Lady I Love doing tags!! thanks so much Liz for tagging me!!
The rules are very simple:
1. Answer the 10 questions.
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Wednesday, November 23

TAG: 14 Questions

Liz from Do it Yourself Lady Tagged me (yayyyyy!! I’ve never been directly tagged heheh Smile)

Saturday, October 8

Tribal Print

Sunday, October 2

New found Love......SUJU

After watching various episodes (late…I know) of Super Junior Full House, I have developed a new found love for the group. And now I just can't stop listening to their music.
I’m still exploring for favorites and I’m not that much of a fanatic (Yet) HAHA.
But apart from their good looks and smooth faces, these boys are really talented. I think SM really put together a very very talented group of people that are not just pretty boys, but CAN ACTUALLY carry a note. That’s one of the reasons why I like them (apart from their catchy songs haha……and SiWon…Winking smile).

Monday, July 18

I Turn 21 TODAY

Monday, June 27

Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Finally got this recipe underway, it’s a nice treat when one wants something with extra EXTRA sugar, and definitely NOT exactly healthy!!I had a strange craving for peanut butter and cake, so I decided to make a peanut butter cake from a basic cake recipe. However, with a twist, a nice crispy glazed sugar topping. it came out really pretty! SOO pretty, I did not want to eat it at all. That first bite is what makes you crave more of its extra sweet peanut buttery soft goodness. enough rambling, here’s the recipe;

Tuesday, May 31

Back from KunMing

hello!! It has been a good two weeks! I finally returned from China yesterday morning, dang, the flight was so long!!! That was one of the downsides in traveling eastward.
I had such a great time with both team members and Chinese students, also I got to practice my Chinese, and have further motivation to continue learning. I am definitely going back next year, hopefully, to stay longer also.
I want to thank again, once more those who have supported me since I took it to heart to go on this trip. Thank you and God bless you. Also, I would not forget my subscribers, both old and new, thank you for your support and taking the time to read my blog.

Monday, May 9

China..another update

I have bought my ticket!! Yay!! I got it on good FridaySmile, and I am so pumped and ready to go!
I also have been getting more funds! More than enough! Even from people I didn't expect!! Thank God!! And I am so grateful to those who have given and prayed for me. Thank you so much and God bless you. few more days left I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Now all I have to do is pack., and be ready to go..

Monday, April 11

China: KunMing, Thank Yous

Just a quick update on what’s going on with the Trip, I have put the post on my Tumblr for such

Summary of the Update:

Hello! 您好!

Wednesday, March 23

Blog Birthday

China Missions- The Letter, A call for help

Grace and Peace in the name of Jesus,
I want to share with you a challenging ministry opportunity that God has presented to me. From May 14 through 28, God has offered me the chance to go to China with fellow Dallas Baptist University students and Alumni. This 2 week missions trip will be reaching out and spreading the gospel to Young Chinese students  while also teaching the students English and learning more about the people there and their culture, and working towards the calling on my life to be in Missions.
While God has opened up a door for me to develop a greater heart of compassion for His people around the world, the exciting part is that you will be able to share in this compassion in several ways. First, you can help pray for me and my fellow students. We will need prayers that God will prepare us for our visit and bless our efforts as we minister to the people of China. We will also need prayers that our financial needs will be met.

Sunday, February 27

EOS [Evolution of Smooth] lipbalms, A review

DSC00638There has been a crazy rave about The EOS balm, so I jumped on the Band wagon and here’s my review of it.
I first bought the Lemon
Then the Honey-suckle
Then the tangerine
I tell ya, I’m addicted to this stuff
but I love the Lemon best

Thursday, February 24

The Pristine Notion's FIRST mini 50 subscribers and Blog Birthday Giveaway!!!

I’ve pretty much been waiting for this day. The day I’ll do my first giveaway!! YAY!!!
my blog’s birthday is the 23rd of March, that’s a long way from today, and yeah, I know but an early giveaway celebrating the birthday seems just about fine
dang a year, its been a while, I remember when this blog used to be named, oreo’s crib, then Cant b tamed, smh

Thursday, February 10

Snow in Texas :)


Wednesday, February 9

PURE ICE Taupe drawer & Strip tease

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I bought this nail polishes while grocery shopping, and i have to say not bad, not bad...

Sunday, February 6

Grilled Meat, Kimchi and rice

DSC00266I ain’t Korean, so I didn’t make anything traditionally or specially, all I knew was that what I craved was kimchi, and something that would go good with it……..MEAT.

Sunday, January 23

Sally Craze!!

P1010012I don’t know what it is about NOTDs I Just love em’ so much
although the funny thing is I only do pedicures, no manicures for me. I really haven’t had the time this semester to do a lotta nails etc
However, my sister brought me a haul box of Sally NP that she was given at work  and OMG so many NOTDS, and believe me it was too much to do!! so I only chose to do my few FAves, here they are, enjoy

Sunday, January 16

The Color Workshop Nail Swatches


The only problem I had with the color workshop by Markwins INternational is that they do not label their makeup, no names are given. But I am confident in their products because they also are the Manufacturers of Black radiance and wet n’ wild. You can find the color workshop kits in any drugstore (CVS is where I bought mine), or Wal-Mart (I bought a set last year from there), You can find them easily during the Holiday season for good prices (best for gift sets).

Friday, January 14

Eating Healthy Grilled Chicken Salad

DSC00188I love to eat, and I love to cook what I crave. But eating a lot and variations of food doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy. Here's a recipe for something healthy, some good ol’ Chicken Salad

Friday, January 7

Feeling Italian: Tomato Spinach Basil Pasta Recipe

DSC05584Something about a Juicy tomato that makes me lick my lips in longing. For a previous tomato hater the tomato basil pasta opened my eyes to see the capacity of a dainty mato’, its ability to suck up juices, spices and blend it with it's own juice making the idea of biting it supple, juicy And delicious

Sunday, January 2

New Life, New Year, New Room

Happy new year everyone!!!
hope you spend it with loved ones and family!!!
today is the last day of my continuous blogging bet I’m going back to weekly posts :) it was fun while it lasted.
well I was supposed to post this yesterday but my sister came in town and we’ve been hanging ever since
SO many new things have been happening to me, and today I will share them on this LONG picture heavy post bahaha.
I have moved back home- bittersweet feeling, now I have to live a new life, I am super stocked and super scared.
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