Sunday, January 23

Sally Craze!!

P1010012I don’t know what it is about NOTDs I Just love em’ so much
although the funny thing is I only do pedicures, no manicures for me. I really haven’t had the time this semester to do a lotta nails etc
However, my sister brought me a haul box of Sally NP that she was given at work  and OMG so many NOTDS, and believe me it was too much to do!! so I only chose to do my few FAves, here they are, enjoy

Sunday, January 16

The Color Workshop Nail Swatches


The only problem I had with the color workshop by Markwins INternational is that they do not label their makeup, no names are given. But I am confident in their products because they also are the Manufacturers of Black radiance and wet n’ wild. You can find the color workshop kits in any drugstore (CVS is where I bought mine), or Wal-Mart (I bought a set last year from there), You can find them easily during the Holiday season for good prices (best for gift sets).

Friday, January 14

Eating Healthy Grilled Chicken Salad

DSC00188I love to eat, and I love to cook what I crave. But eating a lot and variations of food doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy. Here's a recipe for something healthy, some good ol’ Chicken Salad

Friday, January 7

Feeling Italian: Tomato Spinach Basil Pasta Recipe

DSC05584Something about a Juicy tomato that makes me lick my lips in longing. For a previous tomato hater the tomato basil pasta opened my eyes to see the capacity of a dainty mato’, its ability to suck up juices, spices and blend it with it's own juice making the idea of biting it supple, juicy And delicious

Sunday, January 2

New Life, New Year, New Room

Happy new year everyone!!!
hope you spend it with loved ones and family!!!
today is the last day of my continuous blogging bet I’m going back to weekly posts :) it was fun while it lasted.
well I was supposed to post this yesterday but my sister came in town and we’ve been hanging ever since
SO many new things have been happening to me, and today I will share them on this LONG picture heavy post bahaha.
I have moved back home- bittersweet feeling, now I have to live a new life, I am super stocked and super scared.
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