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Eating Healthy Grilled Chicken Salad

DSC00188I love to eat, and I love to cook what I crave. But eating a lot and variations of food doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy. Here's a recipe for something healthy, some good ol’ Chicken Salad
what You will need…..
A. very useful cooking items
1. A grill (George Foreman preferred)DSC00177
2. a basking brush
3. cutting board, colander, etc.DSC00178

B. SpicesDSC00176
1. chicken bouillon
2. ground pepper (if you like it spicy)
3. ginger and garlic
4. margarine pepper

C. Food Ingredients
1. Chicken breastsDSC00180 (six)
2. salad mix or your won lettuce or baby spinach
3. salad dressing
4. tomatoes, diced or slicedDSC00175
5. a handful each of mushrooms (and or diced bacon bits), jalapenos and peppers

1. make your spice mix for the chicken
2. Use margarine or olive oil to grease the chicken (it could be frozen, no need to defrost the chicken-it makes it juicier)also grease the mushroomsDSC00182
3. mix/rub the seasoning on the chicken and mushroom (use hand, then a brush)DSC00183
4. Grill chicken first, till its done, make sure to bask the chicken in the spice mix/oil at the bottom of the grill when it collects and then keep grilling till it browns (basking it makes the chicken juicy)DSC00184
5. while chicken is grilling, rinse out salad in a colander, and prepare it in a plateDSC00185
6. once chicken is done, you can grill the mushrooms, then the jalapenos and peppers, don’t forget to bask em' in the juice while grilling. cut the chicken in bite size piecesDSC00186
7. lay it upon the salad by putting salad in bowl first, jalapenos and peppers next, mushrooms, then top with chicken.
food is served. serves :2DSC00189

Thanks for reading!!

Ore :)


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