Friday, January 7

Feeling Italian: Tomato Spinach Basil Pasta Recipe

DSC05584Something about a Juicy tomato that makes me lick my lips in longing. For a previous tomato hater the tomato basil pasta opened my eyes to see the capacity of a dainty mato’, its ability to suck up juices, spices and blend it with it's own juice making the idea of biting it supple, juicy And delicious

Today I was feeling frisky. Although I wanted and craved deeply for that juiciness, I wanted something else with it. As a meat lover, running out of steak, chicken, turkey and fish is not always a bad thing. Because then I could fully depend on my veggies, and today I found a bag of spinach in my freezer. In order to fulfill the taste in my longing tongue, I merged two recipes and made me some Spinach tomato basil pasta.


  • Spaghetti (2 servings (check your package instructions))

  • Olive oil (1 tbs)

  • diced tomatoes (1 can or 2 whole tomatoes (large) diced)

  • spinach (1 cup/a handful)

  • butter or margarine (2 tbs)


  • pepper (red and/or black)

  • seasoning (chicken bouillon or tomato, salt) others (ginger, minced garlic, onion, parsley, basil, and cilantro)

    1. boil the spaghetti, add salt if you want (1 tbs). You can also boil the water before adding the spaghettiDSC00039

    2. while pasta is boiling, add a teaspoonful of minced garlic to a table spoonful of olive oil on a panDSC00044
    3. fry till garlic has a light brown colorDSC00048
    4. add tomatoes (a can or 2 whole tomatoes, diced) and a handful of spinach, and spices, stir-fry till spinach is cooked and tomatoes have absorbed the good juice.DSC00049DSC00050
    5. when stir-fry is done, the spaghetti should be about done too. Once it is cooked, drain in a colanderDSC00057
    6. add two tablespoons of margarine to spaghetti immediately after draining, to prevent it from sticking together. mix thoroughlyDSC00060DSC00061
    7. once the margarine is mixed, add the spinach tomato stir fry mix and mix the pasta with itDSC00064
    8. ALL done!! and ready to eat!!!
    serves: 2

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