Sunday, January 2

New Life, New Year, New Room

Happy new year everyone!!!
hope you spend it with loved ones and family!!!
today is the last day of my continuous blogging bet I’m going back to weekly posts :) it was fun while it lasted.
well I was supposed to post this yesterday but my sister came in town and we’ve been hanging ever since
SO many new things have been happening to me, and today I will share them on this LONG picture heavy post bahaha.
I have moved back home- bittersweet feeling, now I have to live a new life, I am super stocked and super scared.
I just love candles!!! Scented candles are my latest addiction <333DSC00070DSC00071DSC00073DSC00075
my cluttered deskDSC00077DSC00082DSC00085
got a new camera!!!! YAY and its PINK!DSC00095
my Lotion station Open-mouthed smileDSC00100DSC00102
my Lil’ makeup drawer. My parents are very conservative so I only kept the natural colors out.
and the lipsticksrandom 030 bought some new home slippers from Old Navy they are in my favorite color!!! and they are cozy!
random 028I got some for my mama too Smile with tongue outrandom 035random 036
well thanks for reading and looking through the crazy amount of pictures!!!
hope you had a great 1/1/11!
Thanks for reading!!

Thanks for reading!!

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