Sunday, February 27

EOS [Evolution of Smooth] lipbalms, A review

DSC00638There has been a crazy rave about The EOS balm, so I jumped on the Band wagon and here’s my review of it.
I first bought the Lemon
Then the Honey-suckle
Then the tangerine
I tell ya, I’m addicted to this stuff
but I love the Lemon best

Thursday, February 24

The Pristine Notion's FIRST mini 50 subscribers and Blog Birthday Giveaway!!!

I’ve pretty much been waiting for this day. The day I’ll do my first giveaway!! YAY!!!
my blog’s birthday is the 23rd of March, that’s a long way from today, and yeah, I know but an early giveaway celebrating the birthday seems just about fine
dang a year, its been a while, I remember when this blog used to be named, oreo’s crib, then Cant b tamed, smh

Thursday, February 10

Snow in Texas :)


Wednesday, February 9

PURE ICE Taupe drawer & Strip tease

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I bought this nail polishes while grocery shopping, and i have to say not bad, not bad...

Sunday, February 6

Grilled Meat, Kimchi and rice

DSC00266I ain’t Korean, so I didn’t make anything traditionally or specially, all I knew was that what I craved was kimchi, and something that would go good with it……..MEAT.

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