Sunday, February 6

Grilled Meat, Kimchi and rice

DSC00266I ain’t Korean, so I didn’t make anything traditionally or specially, all I knew was that what I craved was kimchi, and something that would go good with it……..MEAT.

I found some lean steak, in my freezer, went to cutting and marinating and then grilled on my George Foreman. I used three different flavors to marinate my beef. The first was a mix I made of (garlic, ginger, chicken broth,parsley, red pepper, and black pepper). For the second (middle)I used Korean black bean Garlic sauce, the third was teriyaki sauce.
Grill it till its down after marinating it first with olive oil then the sauce. boiled some rice in the rice cooker, and bam! here’s to my lunch.
I had got the kimchi recipe from Aeri’s kitchen on YouTube (she also has a written blog of the Recipe here), and yes I made it from the scratch, it wasn’t my first time making kimchi, been making it for the past 2 years now. The one’s I buy form the HK market are too sour and not Spicy enough (and don’t taste half as good as the ones in the Korean restaurant) so I decided to start making my own kimchi. A very patience infused and smelly task indeed.
all that was missing was some cabbage and seaweed.
*its been an interesting week so far, lots of mediocre studying being done haha
*it snowed for a few days!! maehnn it was beautiful, finally!! I LOVE TX, would upload snow videos and pics later or pretty soon!!

Thanks for reading!!

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