Thursday, February 24

The Pristine Notion's FIRST mini 50 subscribers and Blog Birthday Giveaway!!!

I’ve pretty much been waiting for this day. The day I’ll do my first giveaway!! YAY!!!
my blog’s birthday is the 23rd of March, that’s a long way from today, and yeah, I know but an early giveaway celebrating the birthday seems just about fine
dang a year, its been a while, I remember when this blog used to be named, oreo’s crib, then Cant b tamed, smh
or when I almost gave up, because I felt like no body is reading, Thank God for the strength and determination He provided me to keep going
I have finally reached 50 subscribers!!! I am so happy and grateful to all of you!
I think I’ll start doing YouTube posts, too just to add to it, I guess I’ll jump on that bandwagon. I’m just camera shy that’s why there’s nothing on my YT
BUT it will be very minimal lol I’d rather write than talk.
this giveaway, is gonna be a very very, very very small one.
I wanted it to be easy, and fast so its gonna be a e-certificate (so make sure you provide a working email because there are no redeems etc.).
a $25.00 e-certificate to
see? small.
but that could buy 25 lipsticks, 25 brushes, 25 eye-shadows, 25 nail-polishes…………………….need I say more?
I love elf, and it’s the best brand to start with for a mini giveaway.
plus with an e-certificate, I don’t have to go to the post-office…
Just perfect!!

Mandatory Rules:
  1. must be a public follower of TPN (no blogs solely for giveaways please!) or my bloglovin or Youtube
  2. my first 50 followers to TPN, bloglovin, and YT would each have an extra +1 entry already
  3. must provide me your e-mail address (I will not spam, don’t even have time to) enter it as [youradress(at)mailserver(dot)com] this would prevent people who spam from using it.
  4. it is open to US and Canada and US territories ONLY(I am sorry……, ELF only ships to these places-if it ships to your country (out of the US territories) and you want to enter, please let me know).
  5. winner must claim prize within 48hrs of winning
  6. there will be a total 20 of possible entries per person
  7. the winner would be selected randomly through 
Thanks for your cooperation,
Thanks for reading!!


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