Friday, April 1

My Hair journey :)

OK on to the post, I have always had short, natural, layered, thin hair. All my life. SO I was amazed as I watched my hair change through the years. I wish I had more pictures, but this is the best I got.
as I show these pictures I wanted to do a post and a series of posts on how to keep your hair healthy while you relax it, etc. and that you hair does not have to be natural to be healthy. It can be relaxed, but not over processed etc.

Through the years

August 13, 2006 (pic above) hair natural (my hair had always been this length all my life!)
Growing up my hair just never grew longer than this! I always wondered why! Probably because I didn’t take good care of it. even when it was natural!
November 4, 2007 Hair texturized and low cut
after a while, I got tired of my hair. my locks are very tight, which makes my hair tangle easily, so as a result I cut my hair and texturized it, and sported a low-cut for almost half a year
March 30, 2008 after relaxing
By march I got  tired of my  curls and relaxed my hair. notice how short it is and how short my bangs are.
May 18, 2008 just so you can see the back length (back to normal length)
not a significant difference, but this was  the normal length of my hair all my life! whenever I relaxed it etc. it just wouldn’t get any longer than this. quite. annoying.
July 28, 2009 this is when my hair started growing longer than normal (after I started wearing wigs)
I started noticing a significant difference in my hair after I began protective styling.
It was still layered but more voluminous, and a bit longer.
Hopefully, my tips would be able to help anyone who wanted to try growing hair out or just simply keeping relaxed or natural hair healthy etc.

2011, here and now

my hair as of today.
it has so much volume it can get annoying. and its no longer fully layered, although the next time I go to the salon I bet its going to be cut layered and shorter….Sad smile
I went though a few styling phases in 2010 and my bangs cut as short as they were in 2008. but grew back to normal in a year! I was amazed and happy at the result!
don’t worry its not some kind of beauty secret, or gift or gene, its just intense care.
excuse me while I narcissistically display a webcam photo-shoot of myself.
My hair is NOT perfect. It took about 45 minutes of straightening and frizz spray to look like this. I have extra extra extra frizzy hair! my goodness!! That is probably why I never wear it all year round Smile
More posts coming up soon hair-wise..
await it my dear readers.
Thank you for reading.
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