Tuesday, May 3

My Day & Night Facial Routine [Dry skin]

From Day to night, I believe everyone has a facial routine, even if its doing nothing, or just using soap, to using 9-10 different products, such is a routine. I was inspired to share mine, to whomever would want to know, whoever would be interested to read. Here, is where I present such.
Wow. That sounds like an essay. SMH.
The thing is although I have a routine, some days (most days) I usually falter and become lazy and skip it, going to bed with makeup etc. on my dear face. BUT I have decided to take a stand. a stand against my laziness, Because I Know that if I keep on, I will age faster than Gollum from Lord of the Rings!
WOW. since when did I start using LOR analogies? I haven't even watched the movie! well I have just that I was too creeped out to finish it! I do have an interest in the books, and would start reading them as soon as I finish my Exams.
DSC01165Well enough about that. Lets begin with my morning facial routine….
well before that lets talk about my skin;

My Skin profile

  • DRY
  • I don't break-out much but my pores are HUGE
  • Inflicted with scars from my clumsiness
  • Break out when stressed out
  • under-eye bags from staying up late every night attempting to study
  • sensitive...VERY...
  • i get random bumps from my sensitive(ness) to the weather and dryness...

morning routine

In the morning, after I drag my lazy butt out of bed, I have 2 routines

1). I put on a mask, and let it stay on to dry for 15minutes. I usually don’t do this EVERY morning, only when I forget to wash my face at night or I am really tired and need a “waking up” jolt, or it’s a weekend.
2). rinse off the mask with a warm wet towel
3). put on a facial scrub after, and jump into the shower :)
4). Use a toner to wipe  dirt off my face. using a toner helps to tighten your skin, and helps clean excess dirt.
5). I put on some eye cream on my clean face. If you are over 18+ do not skip eye-cream before its too late. eye-cream can be both preventive and corrective. If you sleep less and stay up late often, it will become your best friend.
6). put on sunscreen or facial emulsion (that has sunscreen). using sunscreen daily helps prevent the increase of aging. and keeps your skin healthy (no matter what color you are!). If my facial cream or makeup  has sunscreen, I usually skip this step.
7). I then put on my tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer is a fresh way of wearing makeup, and not piling too much on your skin, if you cannot find a tinted moisturizer in your color, you can mix your anti-aging moisturizer with your makeup (in equal parts).

Night routine

1). Take off my makeup. I hate taking off my makeup, but leaving makeup on your skin and sleeping with it leaves free radicals and oxidants which act on your skin and makes it age faster

2).  Wash it off completely with a moisturizing facial wash.
3). Again, put on a mask, and let it stay on to dry for 15minutes. use a facial mask 1-2X a week. It helps relax your skin and restore nutrients.
4). rinse off with a warm, wet facial cloth.
5). Put on some eye cream

6). Put on a facial moisturizer. If you don’t use tinted moisturizer, an anti-aging moisturizer is a good option for the day and a blemish fighting, brightening one for the night (it will work better while you sleep, and your skin is resting).
Well that’s all for my routine, I hope the tips help..
Thanks for reading!!

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