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Buys from KunMing

China3 089
I have a nice, and too many of a backlog of drafts for TPN. It was too hard to decide what to post today, so hard that I had to use to decide,  and I chose this post #5 in my drafts. It has been an interesting week, I haven't really been blogging, and I still have MORE china pics AND videos to upload. Yes, I know….there’s MORE?
SIgh. its like day to day I cannot finish anything on my to-do list, its ever so frustrating that my procrastination habit has leaked into every nook and cranny of my ever not-so-busy life. June came up on me, bit my behind, and ran away before I turned around.
Next week is July, and in July, I must accomplish a lot, before I turn 21, so basically I have 23 days left to do everything on my never-ending list.
Enough ranting about my life. #apologies.
This POST is about the cool, cheap and little things I scavenged from KunMing, as gifts for myself and everyone else.
China3 090
FANS- when we got to China, and walking in the heat, fans were essential, and its beauty and durability was a plus. This one (above) was Designed by a Christian artist, who put my favorite verse on it (Phil 4:13)- which I can actually read and quote in Chinese Open-mouthed smile. Akevia, bought it for me, it was kind of Pricey because the profit goes to Charity. She actually has a website, I just cannot find the card she gave me. SIGH. when I do, I will post it on the China page.
China3 092China3 093
The other fans were bought on the street, they were very cheap! like 8 Yuan cheap. They were really pretty, I think I bought about five or six, and gave them to a few friends and my mother, then I kept two for myself Open-mouthed smile
 China3 094
These two items were gifts. the one on the Left was from the Chinese students, Becca, Daisy and Calviniss. while the other was from my teammate Guski. It is a pencil case and very cute, I cannot wait to see the stares when I use it in class in Grad school. oh io am such a geek.
China3 095China3 096China3 097
I HONESTLY do not know what this is. it is too small to be a necklace, and yet too big for a bracelet, one of my partners gave me this (Nina). I didn’t know what to doo  with it, all I know is that its precious so, I kept it in my safe drawer. Nice and safe…
China3 098
Geeks with lunch boxes raise your hands up! Yes, I bought myself a lunch box, it is too cute! it comes with a mini fork and spoon…I wish it came with chopsticks…yuppp another reason for my class mates and coworkers to think I am weird…
China3 099
I also bought myself a little cute purse for my Camera, I like how it is padded, and it fits just right. I think I bought over ten of these purses (pictures below). They make perfectly good gifts.
China3 101China3 102China3 103
I bought myself over a years supply of Puer Tea!! been drinking it almost everyday!!!
China3 104China3 105China3 106
I also bought some cute bracelets for 2 of my Youths, they were so pretty I would have bought one for myself, but I don’t really wear big jewelry so it would have just rotted up in my jewelry box.
China3 107China3 108
I bought about >20 of these chopsticks. They make pretty good gifts too. But I don’t think it can be used to eat (especially for beginners), they’re very thick and stubbly.
China3 109China3 110
Mini box of Young Puer tea. I prefer the younger ones to the aged ones.
China3 111China3 112China3 113China3 114China3 115
I bought Many many phone charms!!! this is just one of them, the rest are kept in my “Safe place”, to be used when I get tired of one. I also gave some as gifts.
China3 116China3 117
This is my new favorite Purse. A Chinese Hani Modern Traditional Crossbody, it was very helpful to me during those numerous bus rides across town.
China3 118China3 119China3 120
I also bought myself a UV protection umbrella, perfect for the Kunming and Texas heat!
China3 121China3 122China3 123China3 124
These were the scrolls also from Grace Art, I bought a lot, and even one for my apartment!
China3 125China3 126China3 127
And lastly, I bought 2 minority skirt dresses! These babies are pretty!!! I feel like a princess in them. lol. ok. maybe not. but I love how they flow to the floor when I wear them as a skirt. I need to do an OOTD soon!
Well that’s a summary of the little things I bought in Kunming, I didn’t have a lot of mullah so I couldn’t go buy as much stuff as one would, plus using mission money would kinda feel unethical  to go on a shopping spree lol.
Stay tuned for more posts! maybe this week, or next week, but so far I have about 10 drafts half finished  so I will use diligently Open-mouthed smile

Thanks for reading!!

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