Sunday, August 14

Not a Kimono


lace outfit-from Nigeria, purse-from Kunming, China, earrings- Mandee, Necklace-Wal-Mart, Shoes-F21
the last time I wore this, my friends kept arguing with me and asking me why I was wearing a kimono. I never saw the similarity, and I probably still do not see it. It is actually a traditional wear from my tribe, called iro & buba (click link for more info), I didn’t put on any head-tie because I really do not like anything on my head, I don’t like hats or headbands either, for some reason they all bother me.
My mother bought this lace outfit two years ago as a new year present. I love it because it has my favorite combo of colors. Also it is one of the first bubas that I own in which the arm length is pretty long. I will try and post the others later on as the year goes by. expect more Nigerian Traditional outfits! I have a whole lot of them!
Thank you for reading!
Ore :)

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