Sunday, September 11

[09] Black Lace & Nude


this would probably be the first and last time I’d wear hose with these shoes.
It was so slippery I had keep myself from tripping a couple of times.
This dress was my graduation dress for college. It was supposed to be, but circumstances made me change into a more “glam” one.

Jewelry-F21, WM. Dress-Papaya. Shoes-bamboo.

However it is still one of my favorites, I just love the cowl neck and now that I have found a lace trim under gown to wear under it, I’m gonna have to keep my self from repeating outfits.
I think pairing it with nude shoes makes it look, simple, boring, calm and less punk than would black shoes (which was my original intention). Probably pairing it with a nice neon-bright colored shoe would make it look fun.
Sadly I own none of those. I need to invest in some brights. I wear too much black.
enough ranting. Hope you have a great week ahead of you. Thanks for stopping by
God bless.
Thanks for reading!!

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