Sunday, September 18

Preppy Teen

Jewelry-Mandee, Outer Tank-OldNavy, Inner tank-WM, Jacket-High Sierra from Mervyns, Skirt-F21, Flats-Charlotte Russe, Chucks-Converse
Simple & Girly or Childish with Chucks. It was indeed hard to decide. So bad, that I repeated outfits the next day (although not to the same place).
I wore the second combo with chucks to church for evening service. One of the congregation members said I looked preppy and like I was in high school.
Must be the hair.
The second, since I was self conscious of the comment the night before, I changed my shoes hoping there’s be a little difference, and wore it to class.
what do you think?
Which combo do you prefer?
Thanks for reading!!

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