Tuesday, October 18

The first meal i made

picsnahh 072

I learnt how to cook at eight, but then all I knew how to make was rice. Rice, plantains, eggs, ramen and spaghetti. Guess how I ate my Spaghetti? I added a little salt, and ate it like that till I got advanced when I was 13. (don’t worry my parents fed me….on days that I didn’t cook.lol).
When I migrated to the US my mom went back to Nigeria, so we had to depend on my dad’s cooking…and not that he cannot cook, there is just a limit to what varieties he can make (except for his golden rice-me and my brother loved his rice, I still wonder what he puts in it!).  This was when I started experimenting again in the kitchen, trying to remember all the tips I learnt in Home Ec. (speaking of that class, I still remember when I glutton-illy ate my sample immediately after the teacher left my table, so that she wont give my food to other professors in the school! yes what a controversy! like she was gonna actually give all the teachers in the school OUR food that we bought ingredients and sweated to cook! oh heck NO! I must enjoy what I make lol).
OK. I am getting sidetracked lol. I whipped up this recipe at the meager age of 12, and revisited it at 21 (no pun intended lol). AND WOW. I was wondering why I ever stopped cooking it! It is supposed to Imitate Jollof rice with the omission of rice into spaghetti. sorry for the long excerpt…enjoy the recipe, I recommend you try it too.

What You need

  1. Spices (chicken broth/maggi, red pepper flakes, cilantro, Parsely, Thyme, Curry)
  2. Ginger (a small piece) (the picture is not true to the amount because I was cooking something else too)
  3. Garlic (2 cloves)
  4. half of a white onion
  5. 1 and a half tall sweet pepper
  6. 1 habanero pepper
  7. 4 pieces of chicken
  8. corn oil for frying
  9. olive oil
  10. spaghetti
  11. kitchen tissue


picsnahh 051
1). wash four pieces of chicken, and put in a pot. add water. Slice the onions thinly over the chickenpicsnahh 052
2). With a cheese grater, grate the ginger and garlic using the smaller side picsnahh 053
3). add onions, ginger, garlic, curry, thyme, and other spices to chicken, along with some broth or maggi or salt to taste.
4). boil the chicken until its done AND the onions are very soft
5). while the chicken is boiling, prepare spaghetti enough for 4 servingspicsnahh 054
6). Slice the sweet pepper into smaller pieces
7).blend till semi smoothpicsnahh 059
8). put the habanero pepper in your food processor and chop to small fine piecespicsnahh 060
9).pour the pepper in the pan and the diced habanero pepperspicsnahh 062
10). add one tablespoon of olive oil, along with some seasoning or powder broth and put on heat. picsnahh 061picsnahh 063
11). the chicken should be done by now. Pour out the chicken and broth through a Pasta colanderpicsnahh 064
12). take the chicken out of the colander into a separate bowl, leaving all the onions and spices used to cook the chicken in the colanderpicsnahh 065
13). add the onions and spices from the chicken to the pepper mix, keep stirring as it cooks (it would be done when there's less water and the pepper looks a little pasty).picsnahh 066picsnahh 067
14). while the pepper is cooking, heat up some corn oil to fry the chicken & deep fry the chicken till brown (don’t forget the spaghetti!!)picsnahh 06815). once the spaghetti is done and the pepper too. Drain the spaghetti and mix it with the pepper, stir-frying under medium-high heat drying off any excess water in the mixpicsnahh 06916). OK spaghetti is done, lastly would be the chicken, prepare two sheets or four (if you have the short kind)kitchen towels and fold them over each other, place over a bowl.picsnahh 070picsnahh 071
17). put the chicken in the bowl and use the towels to drain off the oil (this helps you form eating excess oil off deep-fried food).
18).Serve with spaghetti Open-mouthed smile
Makes 4 servings
picsnahh 072
YUMM!! this is my favorite food to eat!
Thanks for reading!!

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