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End of September [2011]

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this is gonna be by far the longest “end of the month” post
September was one word. HOT.
and no I mean temperature hot. Fall should be officially here but, no. not in Texas.
Oh God, when is it gonna get colder o. I am so tired of the heat.
062- photo taken from my tumblr. I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately…YUMM
O63- mother bought me these muffins for school. Very delicious. I only eat the top though lol
064- Hair around the beginning of September…very pretty but didn’t last long Sad smile
065- Started my re-driving classes online. stupid TX and their laws….Sad smile
066- was trying to show my sister the last two letters which is 力量 Lìliàng meaning Strength/Power. I want to name my first daughter that, also it is quite similar to my Chinese name 礼物 Lǐwù (although not the same “Li” but I am quite content with that). I also like it because it is taken from my favorite Bible verse Philippians 4:13 [我靠着那加给我力量的,凡事都能做]-which I can actually say in Chinese Open-mouthed smile ….#proud
067- The brother brings me candies from Canada every two weeks Open-mouthed smile this is my favorite pina colada starbust. (If you didn’t notice yet…I LOVE pina colada).
068- made another smoothie, this one has pina colada, mangoes, extra pineapples and some strawberries
069- my fist quiz in grad school. Perfect score #proud Open-mouthed smile
070- Redid my hair after the first one failed. Like the style but wish it was longer.
071- stole my brother’s mangoes after he went to Canada (he had like three left in the fridge and I ate em’ all in one sitting)..munch munch..
072- the frozen fruits I used for the smoothies. my brother kept buying more and more of them every time we went grocery shopping, without realizing he already had some in the freezer…so I made good use of them Open-mouthed smile
073- my aunt visited from Nigeria, and brought me this, It is handmade Silver jewelry, wow its so shiny, and real silver! I never knew you could order such and make it in Nigeria.
074- Studying for Biostatistics. The only class I truly like in Grad School.
075-077-My dad’s Hilarious attempt to use text codes. SMH.
078- doing DEVO in the bathtub…relaxing indeed Open-mouthed smile
079- Coffee…in my favorite cup Open-mouthed smile
080- made a midnight snack…spicy roasted Chicken
081- you’ve probably seen me talk about her in many of my posts, this is twitterless Im/Rattiya my old roomie from Thailand, (who gave me all those clothes and accessories you see tagged “from Thailand”), she had cut her bangs and sent me a pic on my phone to see. I miss her Sad smile
082-083- another crazy midnight snack that I discovered its deliciousness…stole some of my brother's crumbled bacon and mixed it with some kimchi pepper…YUMM (for me at least) hehe.
084- escorting my brother at the airport on his way to Canada. (my aunt from Nigeria (very left) My mom is in the middle.
085- I am a Youth teacher, and while we were doing Sunday school, an attendance sheet is passed round, these are the scribbles of my youths, some even put their twitter name on the sheet, smh like I’m gonna look them up to follow them lol. Kids nowadays….

086- another “bang” pic haha, my bestie of 7 years (or 8? its pretty long haha) Ani-chan, she had cut her bangs too and sent me a picture, she did it by herself. it’s pretty good!

087- mint mocha Frapp, this is actually the first time ive tasted it. The taste is phenom. Its minty-ness 

092- last picture of September 2011! doing my two favorite things: watching my favorite (and the first drama I ever watch) for the fifth time, Full House and eating Kimchi Ramen. Full House was THE drama that introduced me into Asian culture Open-mouthed smile.
That was pretty long, thanks for taking your time to read it!
Thanks for reading!!

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