Wednesday, November 23

TAG: 14 Questions

Liz from Do it Yourself Lady Tagged me (yayyyyy!! I’ve never been directly tagged heheh Smile)
1. Theatre or cinema? Why?
Uhmm. I haven't been to the theater ever. so I’d say cinema
2. If you had to choose whether to invest your money into a great concert or some kind of commodity, which one would you choose?
commodity, concert is a one time thing..ppshhh. But it has to be something I really like.

3. The most memorable concert you've ever attended?
The Unashamed concert last Year with Lecrae, Trip, Tedot, Pro and Sho. Best concert of my life!
4. A movie or tv-series that always cheers you up?
I don’t watch movies…so I’d say Big Bang Theory and Full House (Korean Drama).
5. Nightstand book of the moment?
Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and If Satan Can’t Steal your Dreams he can’t control your Destiny by Jerry Savelle.
6. A Movie that you last saw?
The Green Lantern. YES, its been that long.
7. How much do you follow trends?
not at all. BUT I do like looking at fashion blogs (who may or may not follow trends..IDK?) and I get inspiration from them
8. Something that has been a hobby of yours for a long time
Playing my guitar till my fingers hurt.
9. A drink that goes with a cozy evening?
10. Do you laugh a lot?
Yes. even at things that aren't funny. I’d laugh because it isn't funny lol.
11. If you could choose a decade to live in which one would it be? Why?
I’m fine with now. I cant do without technology and Modern design and fashion haha Smile
12. Is there a TV-show you watch regularly? If so, which one?
I don’t watch TV. I watch Asian Dramas.
13. Would you prefer a lying-on-the-beach-vacation or a vacation full of sightseeing?
I’m not fond of beaches and heat so I’d take the sightseeing anyday Open-mouthed smile
14. An idealistic climate for you?
Fall and Spring. Not to hot, not too cold, fairly breezy and very pretty.
That’s all for the TAG. you guys know I love tags, I get to share more about me bit by bit.  I tag anyone and everyone that wants to do it Winking smile

have a great thanksgiving everyone!
Ore :)

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