Tuesday, December 27

Celbrations Celebrations CElebrations

doing this post 2 days after Christmas because I was being lazy and busy at the same time!
Hello everybody!
Merry Christmas, my Christmas was full of joy, I hope yours was too. The church service was amazing, I came out blessed Smile.
I didn’t do much on Christmas except go to church, out to eat with the fam, and going home to take a nap. lol. Yeah, I took a nap on Christmas day, I was too tired to cook anything, after nap I went on to studying. I watched a little drama, and that was it (I am currently watching Pasta, very good drama!! ESP since I LOVE Italian food!). That drama makes me wanna go in the kitchen and whipp something up!! my next challenge is to try to make ravioli from scratch!
Yeah my Christmas was pretty simple, gifts? I got them before Christmas so yeah.
[pic above] me & Victory
I didn’t dress up much on Christmas day, I was aiming for comfort. I wore the black dress from here under my velvet jacket from here and the grey shoes from here with gold jewelry and my favorite jimmy choo purse (I love that purse!~ if I could wear it with every outfit I would!!
I curled my hair with a large barrel iron (oh yeah…I have bangs now…lol), the curls dropped fast but since I wanted waves it didn’t bother me much (I’m beginning to care less and less about my hair).
My makeup was simple. Tinted moisturizer, some mascara (that was very unnoticeable) and lipstick. Pretty much I was being lazy.
SO for new years day, I am wearing a suit! ha! this is gonna be interesting….

the highlight of my week was when I found out I won Lizzy from DO it Yourself Lady’s giveaway! and the highlight of my day was when I received it too! (PS: her blog is amazing! you should check it out! that girl works wonders with nail polish!)
I received a set Kleancolor nail polishes and nail art rhinestones Open-mouthed smile, this is my first time trying them so I am excited!!!. I chose the third set (it was so hard to decide!) they're o so pretty!. It came with a very sweet note and an extra polish (Zoya) which I liked so much when I saw on her blog isn't that sweet?! I am so excited! I cannot wait to swatch these!! Open-mouthed smile
Overall, I had a great Christmas, And I have been more active on my YouTube channel, so check out my new videos, I hope y’all have a great week! speaking of Y’all, my next video would be an accent tag! Cannot wait!!
Have a great day!
Thanks for reading!!

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