Tuesday, May 31

Back from KunMing

hello!! It has been a good two weeks! I finally returned from China yesterday morning, dang, the flight was so long!!! That was one of the downsides in traveling eastward.
I had such a great time with both team members and Chinese students, also I got to practice my Chinese, and have further motivation to continue learning. I am definitely going back next year, hopefully, to stay longer also.
I want to thank again, once more those who have supported me since I took it to heart to go on this trip. Thank you and God bless you. Also, I would not forget my subscribers, both old and new, thank you for your support and taking the time to read my blog.

Wednesday, May 18

Casarecce Limone

Just had an inspiration, one day. I called it Casarecce Limone because its Casarecce duhh haha. And also because I used lemon juice to tart up the chicken and mix. Yumm. (Limone is Italian for Lemon).
This recipe reminds me of the Tomato Basil recipe except there are more and further steps…

Monday, May 9

China..another update

I have bought my ticket!! Yay!! I got it on good FridaySmile, and I am so pumped and ready to go!
I also have been getting more funds! More than enough! Even from people I didn't expect!! Thank God!! And I am so grateful to those who have given and prayed for me. Thank you so much and God bless you. few more days left I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Now all I have to do is pack., and be ready to go..

Tuesday, May 3

My Day & Night Facial Routine [Dry skin]

From Day to night, I believe everyone has a facial routine, even if its doing nothing, or just using soap, to using 9-10 different products, such is a routine. I was inspired to share mine, to whomever would want to know, whoever would be interested to read. Here, is where I present such.
Wow. That sounds like an essay. SMH.
The thing is although I have a routine, some days (most days) I usually falter and become lazy and skip it, going to bed with makeup etc. on my dear face. BUT I have decided to take a stand. a stand against my laziness, Because I Know that if I keep on, I will age faster than Gollum from Lord of the Rings!
WOW. since when did I start using LOR analogies? I haven't even watched the movie! well I have just that I was too creeped out to finish it! I do have an interest in the books, and would start reading them as soon as I finish my Exams.
DSC01165Well enough about that. Lets begin with my morning facial routine….
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