Monday, June 27

Peanut Butter Cupcakes


Finally got this recipe underway, it’s a nice treat when one wants something with extra EXTRA sugar, and definitely NOT exactly healthy!!
I had a strange craving for peanut butter and cake, so I decided to make a peanut butter cake from a basic cake recipe. However, with a twist, a nice crispy glazed sugar topping. it came out really pretty! SOO pretty, I did not want to eat it at all. That first bite is what makes you crave more of its extra sweet peanut buttery soft goodness. ENough rambling, here’s the recipe;

Saturday, June 25

Buys from KunMing

China3 089
I have a nice, and too many of a backlog of drafts for TPN. It was too hard to decide what to post today, so hard that I had to use to decide,  and I chose this post #5 in my drafts. It has been an interesting week, I haven't really been blogging, and I still have MORE china pics AND videos to upload. Yes, I know….there’s MORE?
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