Sunday, September 25

QUAD Haul & Giveaway win :D

popo 039

This not really a post.
not really hehe.
Just an “omgomg I’m so excited!!” post
I’ve been doing a lil’ frugal shopping here and there…I havent bought any new clothes since December last year…Sad. I know. SO I bought some sale items from F21, Payless, and some beauty items and lippies too. Also, I won a few items in Catalina’s Giveaway! Thanks Catalina! I have so many reviews to do!, but first lets look at ze pics!..

Sunday, September 18

Preppy Teen

Sunday, September 11

[09] Black Lace & Nude


this would probably be the first and last time I’d wear hose with these shoes.
It was so slippery I had keep myself from tripping a couple of times.
This dress was my graduation dress for college. It was supposed to be, but circumstances made me change into a more “glam” one.

Thursday, September 1

No change Skirt to Dress

An old skirt that rot away in my closet. Had that awkward length, what could I wear it with without looking like an old lady. I noticed the waistline could fit under my arms, and eureka!
we have a dress!!
It’s a lil’ bumpy at the back, don’t have enough junk eh?
But its good enough, and fun enough for meeeeee
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