Friday, October 28

Forever 21 Masks

DSC02804I mentioned in my Past Forever21 Haul that I had purchased a few masks and a makeup remover towelletes. Well after trying the masks for a few days, I really like them, so I went back to the website and ordered a truckload of more masks!!! (thirty to be excact!) and I have been using them every day!!
The Forever 21 masks are made by a korean company called Adwin Korea Corp. Adwin Produces PureDerm which is sold on F21, and Skinlite, which is sold on SASA.

Tuesday, October 18

The first meal i made

picsnahh 072

I learnt how to cook at eight, but then all I knew how to make was rice. Rice, plantains, eggs, ramen and spaghetti. Guess how I ate my Spaghetti? I added a little salt, and ate it like that till I got advanced when I was 13. (don’t worry my parents fed me….on days that I didn’t
When I migrated to the US my mom went back to Nigeria, so we had to depend on my dad’s cooking…and not that he cannot cook, there is just a limit to what varieties he can make (except for his golden rice-me and my brother loved his rice, I still wonder what he puts in it!).  This was when I started experimenting again in the kitchen, trying to remember all the tips I learnt in Home Ec. (speaking of that class, I still remember when I glutton-illy ate my sample immediately after the teacher left my table, so that she wont give my food to other professors in the school! yes what a controversy! like she was gonna actually give all the teachers in the school OUR food that we bought ingredients and sweated to cook! oh heck NO! I must enjoy what I make lol).

Monday, October 10

End of September [2011]

Fullscreen capture 9142011 85606 PM
this is gonna be by far the longest “end of the month” post

Sunday, October 9

It's that DIY again...

Saturday, October 8

Tribal Print

Friday, October 7

Shrimp Scampi

picsnahh 047
Got this mini recipe card from SAMS in the mail. The recipe looks very similar to the tomato basil recipe. except no basil. and there’s shrimp.
I decided to give it a try

Sunday, October 2

New found Love......SUJU

After watching various episodes (late…I know) of Super Junior Full House, I have developed a new found love for the group. And now I just can't stop listening to their music.
I’m still exploring for favorites and I’m not that much of a fanatic (Yet) HAHA.
But apart from their good looks and smooth faces, these boys are really talented. I think SM really put together a very very talented group of people that are not just pretty boys, but CAN ACTUALLY carry a note. That’s one of the reasons why I like them (apart from their catchy songs haha……and SiWon…Winking smile).
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