Wednesday, November 23

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Tuesday, November 8

Scarf Belt Inspiration

Yupp another Native post. I used to hate Kaftans growing up. I think its because my mother made me a LOT of them (its perfect for growing children, pregnant women etc. hides shape very well).
But I personally think she made a lot for me because I used to tear my tight native skirts (not on purpose!) all those mermaid skirts and long pencils could not hold my tomboyish running around and climbing trees, jumping fences, paying soccer etc.
She got tired of that and started making me outfits that wont easily rip. SO I hated it that bad that i haven't worn a kaftan since I was 13.
When my Grandma brought this from Nigeria, the hate creeped back up and at first I wasn't sure about it, then I put it on and luckily it was the day or two after I read Kileen’s post about Scarf belts. I decided to try and tie my scarf around my waist, and Viola!
I have acquired a new love for Kaftans! The color is stunning and now its not as shapeless as I feared it would be!

Friday, November 4

Need Sunglasses?

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