Friday, January 20


time for another award and tag post, yay!! I get to share even more about MEEEEEE! hahaha.
I bet y’all are tired of my tags by now!
Thank you so much Lizzy for tagging me!!

Saturday, January 14

Homemade Waffles

I finally decided to use one of my recipe apps on my iPhone. This one is called recipe grazer, it's very easy to use along with my other app by dinner spinner (which is most useful when you cannot decide what to cook for dinner).

The recipe is not my original recipe but submitted by someone named Addie on their website so all credits to him/her. I just tweaked it, to adhere to my taste buds, as usual.

I have been craving waffles for like forever, and no matter how much I ate the frozen ones I had (which happened to be wheat….yuck…my brother and his Healthy food!….he buys the groceries..Lol). I was still wanting more after finishing a box.

Then it occurred to me, that I have a GIANT bag of flower still remaining from Last Year (I wonder when its gonna finish! but good thing it didn’t turn stale` I’m grateful for that!). I also had butter, oil, sugar etc. you get the gist.

I had an old waffle maker that I bought in college, for like $14.00 but didn’t know how to use it, every time I tried, it won't work so I gave up. three years after, I decided to try again…..
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