Sunday, January 8

Misi and Temi

yesssssss. I finally upload the pictures of the wedding!! The wedding was beautiful. I loved everything about it~
for the big day, I curled my hair with the tiniest barrel I own, I think it’s a 1/2 or 1/4? and used a lotta hair spray and spritz to keep it in! The Kao  keep and reset hairspray (pink) works wonders for curls!! I wish they sold it in the US. It givesd your hair a nice shine and movable hold.
I also wore full on makeup (which I never really do). I  use my new foundation by Hard candy. It is actually my second favorite, second because, well as you see in the pictures, it makes my face look white under flash. Sad smile I will review it soon.
ook enough of me talking, lets lookie at some picccss!
DSC03421DSC03425DSC03427DSC03429DSC03437DSC03438DSC03444396963_2786149086812_1050831563_3006937_1242653430_n (1)374775_2786168127288_1050831563_3006997_1063990295_n381231_2786172967409_1050831563_3007007_1069563423_n394697_2786173167414_1050831563_3007008_108130917_n394300_2786131286367_1050831563_3006883_1438816644_n395162_2786127886282_1050831563_3006874_2146251842_n403064_2786160687102_1050831563_3006972_1589663615_n380489_10150569685331660_569091659_10884898_1607610494_n401081_10150569685261660_569091659_10884897_723613166_n407609_10150569685456660_569091659_10884900_1953970367_n382829_2786195287967_1050831563_3007056_1016581813_nDSC03472DSC03473DSC03479402775_2786222688652_1050831563_3007127_1300832204_n405182_2786273449921_1050831563_3007228_1936094537_nAh9U8JDCEAAvwN7Ah9Ya6rCIAE_RBP388874_2786287250266_1050831563_3007265_1814614067_n
all pictures (except for the selca of me and my brother) were taken by Temi
This was the first wedding he did, I think he did a good Job!! I love the pictures, I’m so proud of him, he’s like a little brother to me.
check out his fb page for more pictures and his twitter (@youngtemi) and Instagram !!
well that’s all for the wedding! I don’t feel like typing much Sad smile I know blogging/writer rut or something. I have done the Accent tag vid, just need to finish edit, and I will upload sometime this week.

Thanks for reading!!

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