Friday, February 17

KleanColor polishes :p

Finally got to swatch and post the kleancolor Nailpolishes from Lizzy’s giveaway that I won around Christmas. It took me so long!! I will do the zoya in a separate post.
just because.
its been a while since I did a lot of NOTDS at once, I have totally forgotten how to do it. smh.
My hands are not looking too good (but don’t worry, this is the last time (well after zoya) you’d see me swatch messy nails) I have found the EUREKA for a perfect mani (patience and a lot of other things haha). so my next notd would be neat, clean cut and professional.
I also would be doing a post on how I do my manicure routine (I have a lot of routine videos coming up!!)  this is actually for my best friend, she requested it because she wanted to know how I did my manicure so cleanly in one of my instagram photos.
OK lets  get on to the review!
47 gold bright
Coats: 2-3
Pros: very pretty very shiny color
Cons: none
My opinion: I was truly impressed with this polish. Its such a beautiful color, dries fast enough for my impatience, and leaves an elegant beautiful gold look. I love love it!!
99 IT purple

99 it purple

Coats: 3
Pros: color speaks “glam”
Cons: can look dull without a topcoat
My opinion: this color does indeed speak glam, it should have been named royal purple because it gives off an elegant sophisticated look. My only problem with it is that after it fully dries, it started to look dull. You would need a shiny top coat to enhance this polish.
12 melon green

12 melon green

Coats: 3
Pros: omg look at the PIC!!!
Cons: drying is a little slow
My opinion: I LOVE LOVE this color!!! its so pretty shiny and bright!! its ones of those colors that would make you keep staring at your nails continuously!! although Yellow doesn’t look good on me, neon green does!! this is my new favorite polish.
Rating: 4/5

96 vegas night
96 vegas night9996
Coats: endless! lol maybe 3 (above~ cant get opaque) 2 (below)
Pros: pretty blue. This is my favorite color and shade of blue.
Cons: takes forever to dry regardless of it its alone or on top of dry polish!
My opinion: when I first tried this color, I was so exited, its BLUE and its so pretty and shiny!! I actually tried to Layer it on EVERYTHING lol every polish I could find lol. you can see that it looks good with IT purple (above), it enhances the purple and the purple compliments the blue. My only problem with this polish is that it doesn’t dry fast because it is gel like in nature/texture Sad smile
Rating: 3/5

63 pearl pink
Coats: 2
Pros: piiinnnk!!! dries fast. shiny!
Cons: none
My opinion: although my favorite color is blue, I love wearing pinks on my nails and lips and red clothes (and on my nails as well). I love this polish color, its so happy, vibrant and screams youth and fun (well, in my convoluted twisted mind lol~ OK maybe not so twisted). But its so pretty, you cant say no to such a color, it doesn’t dull out either, its shiny. I also layered vegas night as a topcoat and it ended up look purple-ish, but still pretty!
Rating: 5/5

94 Holo Chrome

94 holo chrome

Coats: 2
Pros: shiny! HOLO! and dries wayyy faster than Vegas Night!
Cons: none
My opinion: I love the multifaceted look of this polish, it has silver in it, purple, gold, and some other colors I cannot for the life of me distinguish. But I am still in love, it dries pretty fast for a holo, and although its not that opaque its still nice (could wear it alone at 4 coats maybe- but I’m sure that would take FOREVER to dry!!).
Rating: 5/5

40 Red sparkle

40 red sparkle

Coats: 3-4
Pros: Vampire red color is intense! (and hottt)
Cons: too many coats to get an opaque look, doesn’t look as good layered on some polishes (I think I’ll try it on a black polish next time)
My opinion: remember how I said I love wearing reds and pinks, this is an aweosme collor! it reminds me of blood. it has that bright color of blood and beauty and elegance to go with it, with a little glam and sparkle to catch the eye. I Love this red color!!
Rating: 4/5

Hope you enjoyed the review Smile the Zoya nailpolish will be posted sometime next week. Thanks for reading!!
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Thanks for reading!!
Ore :)

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