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Vongole inspired con el cozze

Ever heard of béchamel sauce? It's the base for most Italian food. It's something that is unfamiliar yet familiar to me, because I've made it countless of time for lasagna but never thought of incorporating it in other meals I made until I watched the drama pasta.
Although the drama doesn't go into details about recipes but it does when it comes to final results and look . And ever since I watched that drama I've been wanting some Italian food. Something creamy something juicy.
One thing I noticed ever since I got serious about cooking is that creamy doesn't necessarily mean milky. You see the thing is when you constantly boil milk it coagulates leaving a thick white residue and a clear fluid: thinking through this I realized that cooks actually use flour for a "creamy" base. And that's when I thought about béchamel sauce.
Everything started to click.
Another thing I learnt for sure from the drama pasta was how to make rich liquid broths and how they are much more better than powdered broth. And from my whole thought process led me to make my béchamel sauce and broth juicier by mixing them together .
I apologize for the long commentary lol just had a mini "I wanna spill my heart out about food" moment. This recipe is exactly like my mussels and spaghetti recipe only it's creamier and juicier due to béchamel (yay!) and this is my new all time favorite! what amazes me is that the béchamel sauce actually lodges in-between the mussel shells (IDK how!) that when you open them it has flavored each mussel making it creamier and juicier. gahhh I’m getting hungry typing this.
I called it vongole inspired because I was craving vongole when I made it (if you watch pasta you'd understand why)

What you Need:

1. 4 servings of spaghetti (bags usually indicate how much to cook)
2.  1  tbs olive oil
3. 1 bag of mussels (about 10-20 mussels) 
4. 1/3 large can of diced tomatoes (or 1 regular sized can)-get the flavored (basil, oregano kind for better flavor)
5. 2 tbs white flourDSC04487
6. 1 tsp minced garlic
7. 1 or 2 tsp chicken or tomato bouillon
8. parsley flakes & other spices (ground black pepper, red pepper, ginger..etc)
9. 1/4 cup of margarine or butter
10. 1 cup of milk

Cooking Directions:

1). boil the spaghetti, (boil water first, add salt then add spaghetti, boil as packet directions (usually 12mins)till soft
2). while pasta is boiling, Make your Béchamel Sauce mix. Mix all the spices ( 1 tsp of basil, chicken broth seasoning, black pepper, red pepper (optional), 1 tsp of garlic powder), and flour together then add milk
3). Melt the butter in another pan (not shown) then add to the mix. Put it back on fire stirring continuously till flour is cooked (it will thicken)
4). add a teaspoonful of minced garlic to a spoonful of olive oil on a frying pan
5). fry till garlic has a light brown color

6). add the tomatoes and then add the béchamel sauce immediately, sauté and cook for a while stirring and mixing continuously till the flavors of tomatoes and sauce have become one.
7). Then add the mussels and cook until the mussels are done
8). when the stir-fry is done, the spaghetti should be about done too. Once it is cooked, drain in a colander
9). add two tablespoons of Olive oil to the spaghetti immediately after draining, to prevent it from sticking together. mix thoroughly
10). then add the mussel/tomato mix to the spaghetti, and mix to even the sauce.
11). All done and ready for your taste!!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I keep wanting this month to end but secretly not wanting it to end sigh…………just can’t makeup my mind!! currently taking a break from reading a bunch of articles about Lead &  Mercury Poisoning in pregnant women while I listen to the Soundcloud playlist on my tumblr ;p getting a little sleepy (and coffee doesn’t work anymore :( ) so I decided to blog instead, that should keep me awake….
oh has anyone watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop?

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