Friday, May 25

The face Shop Nose Masks


Tuesday, May 15

Ruby is for July Babies

I AM RUBY RED (more like auburn lol)!!!! FINALLY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
My Inspiration……

Friday, May 4

Ore <33s Masks

Facial Spa-RTA… I love love masks, they’re a nice way to pamper my ever sensitive skin, hence my crazy overload of uncontrollable purchasing of any kind of masks. some people are makeup junkies, nail polish junkies, etc…I think I am a skin product junkie and a lipstick junkie. I love trying new things on my skin (after reading the ingredient list of course lol- gotta be careful and dangerous at the same time ;)

Tuesday, May 1

elf tinted lipbalms


Lippie Heaven. I finally got to try the elf tinted lip balms and I was so excited, because, I got it for FREE, I love elf coupons!! They're so awesome!
I love tinted lip balms because they're perfect for on-the-go color or for layering and perfecting a certain lipstick color. So, far I have tried about three other brands of TLB (Burt's Bees, Hard Candy, Wet n Wild)and and they have not disappointed me. But I noticed that most TLB’s that are light colored or almost nude-ish toned are never really pigmented. only the reds and mauves are the highest in pigments (I see this in all the three brands).
However, this is not so with elf (squeak! )
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