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elf tinted lipbalms


Lippie Heaven. I finally got to try the elf tinted lip balms and I was so excited, because, I got it for FREE, I love elf coupons!! They're so awesome!
I love tinted lip balms because they're perfect for on-the-go color or for layering and perfecting a certain lipstick color. So, far I have tried about three other brands of TLB (Burt's Bees, Hard Candy, Wet n Wild)and and they have not disappointed me. But I noticed that most TLB’s that are light colored or almost nude-ish toned are never really pigmented. only the reds and mauves are the highest in pigments (I see this in all the three brands).
However, this is not so with elf (squeak! )

Before we start reviewing the colors, lets talk about its purpose as a lip balm. from past experience, I wasn’t expecting it to be as moisturizing (like wet n wild) and I was expecting it to be really shiny (like hard candy). However I was impressed it is marginally moisturizing, by marginally, I mean it does help dry, cracked lips, but it isn't long lasting. It also does not contain too much gloss which keeps me satisfied (although the glossiness depends on pigment color). shine will be measured by (lots of shine 1 star-less shine 5 star)


Rose11004 and Pink10921


Color: Rose
Moisture: 3/5
Shine: 4/5
Pigment: 5/5
Rating: 4/5
this color probably proves my point that the darker, reddish tones are indeed usually the most pigmented in tinted lip balms. The color of this lip balm is very pigmented for its kind and it applies beautifully.


Color: Pink
Moisture: 3/5
Shine: 3/5
Pigment: 3/5
Rating: 3/5
This lip balm is a pretty shade of pink, that although it is almost sheer and pretty streaky, it has a little pigment which is ok for wearing alone for the almost natural look, or layering on to perfect your pink lipstick. however, for my skin tone, it does not look nice when worn alone, so I have to use it as a mixture with other lipsticks.


nude10921 and peach10211

Color: Nude
Moisture: 4/5
Shine: 2/5
Pigment: 4/5
Rating: 4/5
I have never seen a nude as pretty as this (even as a lipstick!!) I love how dark the nude is, it is actually a Nude for my Skin tone!! it matches well and I can use it to create beautiful nude lips (its slightly darker) but that is perfect cause it’s a lip balm I can wear alone or mix and match with lipsticks! I think the only problem I have with it is that its pretty shiny.


Color: Peach
Moisture: 4/5
Shine: 4/5
Pigmen: 4/5
Rating: 4/5
ok looking at the tube this color is PRETTY!! This is my favorite one of them all! Stacey from the Makeup edition has got me hooked on Peach-Orange colored lippies, whenever I see them I buy them now. I used to hate lippies that color, mainly because I didn’t know how to wear them, now I discovered that the ones that are a little more pink actually fit my skin tone!! I LOVE this one so much, I’ve been trying to stop myself from wearing it everyday and everywhere  so I wont run out of it so quickly lol.

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