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The face Shop Nose Masks


The Face Shop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask

Claim: The Face Shop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask is a peel off mask that is designed for deep cleansing and dissolve blackheads. Contains Mulberry, Coix Seed and black rice extracts, which has anti-aging properties, leaving skin shine with healthy glow, youthful and supple.
How to use: Apply Mask to your nose with full coverage (use a lot –about 4 layers), wait 10~15 minutes for the mask to dry- the mask has to be bumpy/rough on the surface before you peel (pic above /if it feels dry and is still shiny, don’t peel it), peel it off and use a toner to get the remaining bits off your nose.
Comments: I love using this mask! it works so much better than biore nasal pore strips, I think its due to its liquid form, it has the ability to penetrate pores easily and attach to the oil and grime that clogs it. My only problem with it is that it takes too long to dry
Rating: Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heart
will buy again?:  yes. till I find something better

The Face Shop Black head ex Aloe Pore Strip

Claim: The Face Shop Black head ex Aloe Pore Strip contains pore-tightening ingredients which effectively tightens and deep cleans the dirt inside pores, leaving skin sleeker.
how to use it

how to use it:
  1. Take a little water with the hand and wet the nose.
  2. Stick Aloe Nose Pack firmly on the nose tip and then the nose wings.
  3. Leave on for 10 - 15 minutes before tearing off in an upward direction.
Comments: these strips are neater than the biore as well and smell really nice, I think its work-ability is still about the same as the biore, they’re both strips so they are just as limited as each other in my opinion. I didn’t really like it because it didn’t get much out of my pores, and probably after using the liquid one I had high expectations which weren’t fulfilled.
Rating: Red heartRed heartRed heart
Will buy again?: No

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