Tuesday, May 15

Ruby is for July Babies

I AM RUBY RED (more like auburn lol)!!!! FINALLY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
My Inspiration……

after seeing Hyuna in Volume up, I was convinced that I wanted my hair red next. I couldn’t wait! I had tried to dye my previous hair red but it failed (hair was too dark) so this time, I researched and dyed a blonde weave instead.

Hair Used
2 packs of Onyx Black Diamond Human hair Blend in Body Wave- 14’
colors (27 and 4/27)
Past Onyx Hair (Onyx Yaki)

Hair Dye
Loreal Feria Ruby Fusion 66

Styles I do often

this was the original form of the curls after I installed it, it’s pretty but was super full and the bottom part’s curls had fallen so I decided to mess with it ;p
Barrel curl

I curled it with a 1 inch? Revlon barrel curler last Sunday, I really love how the volume came out. I w ont be doing it this often, because I hate curling or straightening my hair (it takes a while). This was after I washed it for the first time, the color is fading a bit. either that, or I am getting paranoid.

I hate wearing it straight. feels boring to me, but I just did it out of curiosity. plus I always have to straighten it after I wash it to get out the kinks and frizz.
Rods (curls)

This my favorite way of styling my hair. its so easy, and it lasts at least 3 days as the curls gently fall, I also just recently found out how to make instant waves with the rods, I am so gonna try that next!!
How to get the curls (with rods)

products to maintain my style
Tresemme Frizz defense AntiFrizz Secret- this is perfect for crazy flyaways after straightening my hair
bb Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion with Castor Oil- I love how moisturizing this product is. I also use it on my scalp, it works to help curls form on the hair (when I use rods) and it also keeps them in shape without falling
Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil Moisturizing Hair lotion- this cream is sort of a double agent. It works to moisturize really dried hair and it also protects from heat.
Africa’s best Organics Kids Shea Butter Detangling Moisturizing hair lotion- The best detangler ever! If you are looking for a good moisturizing non greasy detangler for ALL types of hair, this is the best option, I have been using this since 2006!
bb Smooth sheen conditioning spray with aloe and vitamin e- This is perfect for a nice shine on the hair as well as to keep the tips of my hair moisturized

Dry Scalp
Oreo’s Milky flash mix- I don’t have any other name for it. It is my emergency mix it works well on my scalp as well as my hair. It consists of TTree oil + Olive oil+ Doo gro oil (above) + mango and lime  spray. The spray is milky but not greasy so I figured adding some oil would keep it locked in my scalp (olive oil locks in moisture). The ttoil is for the tingly feeling and to prevent dandruff.
Dr Miracle’s Temple and Nape growth balm Super- although this balm is for temple and nape, I tend to use it all over my scalp at random, it doesn’t relieve with moisture totally but it does help growth
Medicated Mango & Lime No more itch gro spray- I love this spray it smells really good and it feels awesome on my scalp. my only problem with it is that its not longlasting because its not entirely moisturizing hence the reason I made the flash mix to lock in moisture.
Doo gro stimulating growth oil- I added this to my routine just to advance growth

Heat Styling protection
Cantu Shea butterOil sheen deep conditioning spray- although this is a sheen/moisture spray, it also protects from heat and enhances straightening with is a plus because it leaves my hair silky and straight. I love it!
got2b flat iron and blow dry lotion- I don’t see anything special about this lotion, I just want to finish it. It doesn’t do anything other than protect from heat. that’s all.

Wash & Condition
Garnieer fructis color sheild Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner- I haven’t used this yet, I am going to use the conditioner this weekend when I co-wash (conditioner wash), I will not use the shampoo until I have taken the tracks down and switching in-between styles. I Co-wash because it still gets your hair clean without stripping moisture and it leaves your hair really soft I tried it last week and I was so amazed, it removed the dirt yet didn’t strip moisture off my hair.
Loreal Feria Conditioner- This is the conditioner that came with the dye. Although it is pretty conditioning, it is not as efficient as tressemme, it dried my hair after using the tressemme to co-wash and using this as the deep conditioner. This weekend I am going to use this conditioner to do the co-washing instead and then use the Garnier as the Step II of deep conditioning and depending on the results, it would stay that way for a while.
Tresemme Color protection Conditioner- this conditioner is pretty good! it leaves my hair super duper soft! I used it in place of a shampoo to co-wash my hair and I loved the results. however, instead of wasting it on the red hair, I am going to keep it so I can use it when I have other colors (it works with all types of colored hair) and use it then.
well that’s all for my Ruby hair Open-mouthed smile I wont be reviewing the feria until after I have used it a couple of times and I am very sure that it wasn’t my styling habits (hair spritz and spray) that messed with the fading and drying out of my hair.
Thanks for reading and watching guys!!
Thanks for reading!!

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