Friday, June 1

I’ve forgotten what the stars look like in the night sky….

Midnight blue. my favorite color in the world. what, you thought it was pink? No. pink is pretty but I love midnight blue. Its so dark yet it shines distinctively. Yes, I was describing this mani. Confused yet? yupp that was my intention. If you aren't confused just wave it away as my stupidity or laziness to type anything worthy and meaningful.
DSC04796I have had this polish (NYC SKin tight Denim Crème) since 2006 and have taken good care of it so it wont dry up, because this is my BABY.
DSC04797wow. Fantastic Baby.
lol. I Just had to put that there. I wanted something extra, hence the Kleancolor Vegas Night. which is only on one nail for my left but on every nail for my right. (review here)
I cant stop staring at my nails….

Thanks for reading!!

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