Sunday, July 22

Summer in Check: More Neutrogena Sunblock

Its Summertime and it is hot. especially here in Texas. Gahh its like burning outside. even though I like Summer for my Birthday and all, it is Quite annoying with the Heat. SO bad that I just want Fall to come. geez, what kind of heat is this? It's like an oven out there! whenever I go out I rush into the car and put on the AC its just so unbearable!! I’m so glad my parents finally agreed to have the AC on 24/7!
well since its hot and bright and sunny etc…I don’t plan on going to any beaches or pool (at least during the day…I don’t care if I'm half Nekkid) I hate hot weather……….I’d rather it be mildly cold lol BUT for those who love the heat…remember sunscreen is an essential thing regardless of what amount of melanin you genetically possess. SO I purchased some new Sunscreen, Neutrogena of course!
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